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Electric Cars – Toyota Kills Off The eQ

Toyota has announced it will not be releasing the eQ  electric town car due to lack of consumer demand because of the usual problems of  limited range and charging time.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) has been another spectacular and very expensive Green failure, like the renewable energies of wind and solar, EV’s require huge tax payer funded subsidies to even make them faintly attractive to consumers.

In the US the Chevy Volt, which is sold in Britain as the Vauxhall Ampera, has been a huge failure both in terms of sales and economically for General Motors, Reuters estimate that General Motors are losing US$ 49000 on each Volt they sell, though General Motors contest this figure. One thing is for sure however, General Motors spent over US$ 1bn developing the Volt and total US sales for 2011 were 7700  cars, a good way short of the target of 10000 cars.

In both Britain and the US  EVs are subsidised with taxpayers money in Britain subsidising each EV to the tune of £5000, and in the US $7500, but even with the taxpayer funded subsidies EV’s still do not sell: Read the rest of this entry