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Flying – More Hollywood Champange Enviormentalist Green Hypocrisy

Arnold Schwarzenegger the caring enviornmentalist in his new $250,000 Mercedes Unimog military truck which does at best 16 mpg

Fortunes have been mixed for Arnold Schwarzenegger after ceasing to be governor of the worlds largest libtard asylum California, the Governator tried to start his own warming alarmist outfit, the R20 Climate Network, which has hardly been a success.

There was that unfortunate incident where the Sperminator got caught playing hide the salami with the maid, and then the man with multiple Hummers and a carbon footprint the size of a mastodon announced his future as Green activist.

There is this common misconception in Green Hollywood that if you fly first class on a normal scheduled airline to an environmental conference, instead of using your own private jet then you have made the ultimate sacrifice and your Green credentials have, well for wont of a better expression, even more credibility. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Now The Governator Has Started His Own Climate Religion

Arnold Schwarzenegger launched the R20 climate religion as his offering to the world

Earlier this year we were treated to the ridiculous fool Danny Glover, saying that Haiti earthquake tragedy was caused by Global Warming, nice try Danny but your career is in the toilet bowl and the wheels fell off the AGW bandwagon on November 20th 2009.

Now the Govenator is starting the R20 climate network to fight the non existent threat of man made Climate Change Read the rest of this entry