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COP17 From Chris Hune The Gift Of Fuel Poverty And Now Food Poverty

Chris Huhne lied about costs of Green Energy on fuel bills now his Green madness will cause Food price rises and more poverty

Chris Huhne the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Greenpeace, WWF and ecomentalist NGO’s will soon be setting out for COP17 in Durban, on a sailing ship to save carbon flying first class like the Champagne Environmentalist hypocrite that he is, to give away £1 billion that Britain does not have,  for a problem that does not exist.

Huhne is to give away £1 billion to help fight climate change in Africa, one of the major beneficiaries will be COP17 hosts South Africa who will receive over £330 million, a country whose economy grew by 2.8% last year, while Britain’s economy struggled at 1.8%.

There are massive spending cuts and poverty in Britain  but as usual the guilt of the rich Green Liberals means there is always money to give away so they can have stature on the world stage, while at the same time making sure they have the approval of the Green and ecomentalist NGO’s whose approval they so crave. Read the rest of this entry

The Chris Huhne Promise Your Energy Bills Will Rise Every Year To 2020

Households currently pay £89 a year on their bills for the green energy drive, but this will increase every year to reach £280 by 2020, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change

Chris Huhne’s bizarre fantasy claims lies that household energy bills would fall by £94 or 7% by 2020 because of the governments Green policies are not true as government ministers have now admitted.

The true figure is £280 a year worse off as a direct result of the Greening of Britain’s power supply network so the Greenest Government Ever can meet the CO2 emissions targets to stop the planet from warming from the effects of a gas that historically has never caused global warming before.

Chris Huhne, Greens and Environmentalists, heavily subsidised Renewables, the great Global Warming Scam and lies I mean who would have thought it? Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Does Not Care About Energy Poverty

Chris Huhne halts dash for gas and affordable energy because of Climate Religion

The complete and total insanity of Chris Huhne has surfaced yet again, and this time Attila the Huhnatic is putting a stop to cheap gas because of Carbon targets.

This is the government minister who said “Crippling Energy Bills Are YOUR Fault“, while presiding over an Alice in Wonderland renewable energy policy that pays wind farms 10 times the amount of money they would get paid, for not generating electricity.

David Cameron is said to be very worried about spiralling energy costs, as are the Confederation of British Industry and the Manufacturers Association, everyone is worried except Huhne who is determined to stick to Climate Targets, no matter what the cost is. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Farm Paid £1.2 Million To Produce No Electricity

A wind farm has been paid £1.2 million not to produce electricity for eight-and-a-half hours

Here we go again, wind farm owners being paid 10 times what they would have been paid if the bird choppers had been operating, £120k to generate electricity for 8.5 hours, £1.2 million for generating nothing.

As more and more households in Britain slide into energy poverty the Greenest government ever continues to shape its energy policies on junk science. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne “Fighting Climate Change Deniers Is Like Fighting Hitler”

Chris Huhne says the fight to save Climate Religion is the same as fighting Hitler

The voice of desperation likening the fight to save the Church of Climatology, to be the same as fighting Hitler, another fear loaded statement from Climate Change Scam Minister Chris Huhne.

The propagation of fear stories from the warming alarmists has picked up again. It started with Attila the Huhnatic saying that Climate Change makes wars more likely a good dose of Greenpeace manufactured fear about the oceans and now the UN wanting to establish one world government and one world religion, via its Peacekeeping force which the UN want to deploy when wars or civil unrest breakout due to Climate Change<

Fear has always been a very important weapon in the warming alarmists arsenal, the run up to Copenhagen COP!5 was all about Fear: Read the rest of this entry

The Hypocrisy Of Champagne Environmentalists

John Travolta's Boeing 707 one of a fleet of 5 jets owned by the Champagne Environmentalist

The Champagne Environmentalist, purveyor of the Green Eco hair shirt life style for us, and a 21st Century business as usual life style for them.

The Champagne Environmentalist comes in many shapes and guises, some are the unelected EU officials, some UN carbon gravy train riders, others the self appointed NGOs like the WWF and Greenpeace and probably the most odious are the vacuous showbiz celebrities who preach the Green message because they think its cool, or they will make money from the gullible sheeple from the Church of Climatology. Read the rest of this entry

EU 25% CO2 Cut Will Lead To De-industrialisation Of Europe

Atilla the Huhnatic and EUSSR Commisar Connie Hedegaard hell bent on destroying industry in Europe

Connie Hedegaard the unelected EU Commissar for Climate Change has manged to increase cuts in CO2 emissions from 20% – 25% by 2020 which is being hailed as a major victory by the warming alarmists who are so blinded by the light of their evangelism, they cannot see anything beyond the cut they have secured.

In Britain we are truly at the mercy of the warming alarmist politicians here and then from the unelected faceless monolith of the European Union. The excuse for a government we currently have is led by a weak, politically inept idiot that likes people to call him Dave.

Dave wants to be all things to all men and makes incredibly stupid statements like being the natural heir to Tony Blair, and this will be the Greenest government ever. A further sign of the weakness of Dave is the disproportionate influence a small number of LibDem ministers have over Government Policy.

Dave just stands by and watches Chris Hune and the EU pursue insane Climate Change policies: Read the rest of this entry

China Pays The Environmental Cost Of Chris Huhne’s Wind Turbines

The lake of toxic waste at Batou from magnet production for Huhne's wind turbines

Obfuscated behind every new fad for the warming alarmists are uncomfortable hidden truths, normally to do with cost, jobs and the environmental impact of their so called Green schemes.

A case in point is the Toyota Prius, flagship eco badge of Green credentials for the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and other assorted liberal ecomentalists, but behind the Green eco facade, production of battteries for the Prius has proved to be an environmental holocaust for Canada.

Almost daily Atilla the Huhnatic preaches to us from the Church of Climatology about wind turbines, the green jobs lie that accompanies every pronouncement, all the while Huhne plays fast and loose with the energy security of this country.

The latest lie about the clean Green revolution to surface, is the fact that’s clean, green it maybe, but then so is mould, clean its most definitely not, but then that does not matter, does it Huhne?
Because the environmental damage is half a world away, safe behind the wall of silience that only a Communist regime can maintain, thus it does not exist. Read the rest of this entry