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CO2 To Hit 400ppm And We Are All Going To Die (Again)


There is a chance that levels of atmospheric CO2 could exceed 400 ppm next month, according to readings from the US government’s Earth Systems Research laboratory in Mauna Loa, Hawaii.

So far this year hourly readings of 400 ppm have been recorded 6 times in the high Arctic, with such a symbolically important event about to happen the usual Green suspects have been begun wailing, and yes you guessed correctly, we are all going to die again.

In a wonderfully self-defeating story in the UK Guardian, Green evangelist John Vidal has heeded the call for CO2 hysteria: Read the rest of this entry

IPCC Scientist Admits Last Big Rise In CO2 Was After A Very Warm Year

Atmospheric CO2 has increased by 2.67 ppm in the last year and now we are going to die

Atmospheric CO2 has increased by 2.67 ppm in the last year and now we are allĀ  going to die

There are two points of view in any argument or statement put forward, nothing new there, but what make this particular story interesting is that both points of view come from the same side, in this case the warming alarmist fraternity.

Atmospheric CO2 has risen by 2.67 parts per million (ppm) in the last year to a shade over 395 ppm, which 0.04% of the planet’s atmosphere to put the CO2 concentration in perspective.

The central core argument of the Global Warming industry is that CO2 is a greenhouse gas which traps heat in the atmosphere, the planetary mean temperature rises and ergo we all fry, however, observed empirical evidence from other warming events in the past, indicate that CO2 levels increase following warm periods.

Naturally a minute increase in a trace gas essential for life on Earth is the cause for hysteria and crying wolf at the Guardian, where John Vidal is hysterical with fear: Read the rest of this entry