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Chris Huhne Charged With Perverting The Course Of Justice

Huhne The Leader of the Church of Climatology in Britain has been flushed down the tubes

The day has finally dawned, the Liberal Democrat Secretary for Climate Religion and Green Taxation has been charged with Perverting the Course of Justice, along with his former wife Vicky Price.

Huhne has always mainatained his innocence, perhaps this is why his 2 interviews with Essex Police consisted of Huhne mainly repeating “No Comment” to anything he was asked.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned from Huhne’s demise dont get your partner to take speeding points for you, and then dump her for a younger woman, “hell hath no fury” as Vicky Pryce has proved yet again.

Essex Police have taken 8 months to investigate the case, all the while Huhne has said he would not resign from the Cabinet if charged, then last week Cameron and Clegg made it clear that Huhne was toast if he was charged. Read the rest of this entry

Greenpeace Co-Founder Blasts Wind Power

Greenpeace co-founder Dr Patrick Moore - "The wind industry destroys more jobs than it creates, and causes energy prices to climb for all users".

Wind power is the saviour of the planet, the gateway to a Green renewables heaven according to Chris Huhne, the EU, Greenpeace, WWF, FoE and the ecomentalist  simpleton that is heir to the British throne.

Nothing could be further from the truth as Attila the Huhnatic repeatedly lies about the Green jobs his personal crusade for bird choppers will bring, the conclusion of a  US House of Representatives report on Green jobs was one of universal failure on a global scale.

Globally the renewables industry is in massive decline as cash strapped governments cut or remove altogether the subsidies Green taxation that was the oxygen for wind and solar power.

Now from the other side of the AGW argument Dr Patrick Moore a co-founder of Greenpeace, has condemned wind farms and the wind industry in general: Read the rest of this entry

Wind Farms Paid £10 Million To Turn Off

Wind Farm operators paid £10,000,000 to turn turbines off

The insanity of wind power continues unabated as wind farm operators are paid £10 million pounds to turn the bird choppers off.

There are nearly 6 million households in energy poverty due to the Green agenda and the ludicrous amount of tax payer subsidies that wind power receives, the wind farm operators are paid a huge subsidy to generate a electricity, and then they are paid to not generate electricity, a win win situation for anyone involved in the Green renewables scam and of course, a lose lose for the tax payers. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Feels The Pressure Of Shale Gas

Nothing can interfere with our Carbon Emissions Targets

When the news of the shale gas find near Blackpool broke, the usual suspects of Chris Huhne, Caroline Lucas and the unelected NGO’s were in uproar that a viable, affordable source of energy had been found to rival the approved Green and heavily subsidised renewables that are a corner stone of Climate Religion.

Huhne’s immediate response to the mention of shale gas was to recommend that people see Gasland, a warming alarmist tissue of lies masquerading as a serious unbiased documentary about fracking in the USA.

Just 3 weeks ago Huhne was saying that shale gas exploration would be halted if there were any danger of his sacred Green emissions targets being in danger:

The UK’s “dash for gas” will be halted by the government because if unchecked it would break legally binding targets for carbon dioxide emissions, Chris Huhne, energy and climate change secretary, said on Monday evening. “We will not consent so much gas plant so as to endanger our carbon dioxide goals,” he told a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats party conference in Birmingham.

The Greenest Government ever has developed an interesting tactic with the increasing number of climb-downs on Climate Religion policy, there is a lot of noise about being devoutly Green and then very quietly the policy is abandoned or put on ice: Read the rest of this entry

Guardian Greenometer Verdict On The Greenest Government Ever

The Guardian does not think that Camerhuhne is the Greenest Government ever

The Greenest Government ever is not that Green according to warming alarmist Daman Carrington at the Guardian, and the villain of the peace is once again Chancellor of The Exchequer, George Osborne.

George Osborne’s statement that Britain will not go it alone committing economic and energy security suicide has caused righteous indignation amongst the Greens, Environmentalists and unelected NGO’s like Greenpeace, WWF and FoE, whose dream of pre Agricultural Revolution Britain is fading faster each day as  the economic reality check of no money bites hard.

The reality bites hard for all people living in the real world, if however you are Green Environmentalist, then nothing can stand in the way of the Green agenda otherwise an NGO like Greenpeace might become outraged and that would be terrible, to ignore an unelected minority group with a political agenda carefully  wrapped in junk science. Read the rest of this entry

Is Chris Huhne Telling The Truth About The Real Cost Of Green Subsidies

The real costs of Huhne's Green agenda for wind could be much higher than Huhne claims

There are some questions to be answered about Chris Huhne’s explanation that ever rising prices for gas and electricity are mainly caused by fossil fuel costs, with only a tiny fraction of the increases supporting the massive susbidies taxes on everyone’s energy bills.

Wholesale energy prices peaked in 2008, and then fell back at the end of 2009, retail energy prices however after a slight fall stayed well above the 2008 peak, there were modest increases in wholesale price, last year and this year, but wholesale prices today, are well below the 2008 peak.

Fossil fuel prices have fallen, yet Huhne maintains that ever rising fossil fuel prices are the cause of all time high energy bills: Read the rest of this entry

Hear This Chris Huhne – 2700 People Will Die This Winter Because Of Fuel Poverty

2700 people mainly the old and poor will die this winter because of fuel poverty

2700 people will die this winter because of fuel poverty, that is more than lose their lives in traffic accidents in an entire year.

In Britain fuel poverty is defined as spending 10% or more of disposable income on gas and electricity, between 2005 – 2010 the cost of keeping warm in winter has doubled and there are now more than 6 million households in energy poverty.

A report on fuel poverty commissioned by the government found that if just 10% of winter deaths were caused by fuel poverty then 2700 people will die: Read the rest of this entry

Britain – The Real Cost Of Cameron And Huhne’s Green Policies

Leaked EU report - electricity price rises for next 20 years because of renewables

Yesterday Cameron and Huhne stage managed a summit with the big 6 energy companies as the fall guys for the recent massive increases in the costs of gas and electricity, the increased costs were of course nothing to do with the Green taxes and other carbon taxing lunacy.

Huhne took time off from telling consumers they were lazy in not switching tariffs to say that the cost of Green policies to families was only £20 a year, when most estimates from a range of sources put the real cost at £100 a year minimum.

Business have warned the government of the costs of Green policies again, and again, with the exception of Chancellor George Osborne these pleas from business have fallen on deaf ears.

The future for energy costs and the financial outlook for Britain is grim, and the more wind farms there are the worse it will get: Read the rest of this entry

The War On Affordable Energy – Chris Huhne’s Green Madness

Nothing will stand in the way of CO2 targets, energy poverty, hypothermia, the death of our senior citizens, nothing I tell you, nothing

This last week has been disastrous for the warming the alarmists in Britain, this is the week that the political consensus on the ManBearPig religion of Al Gore, Chris Huhne and Connie Hedegaard died in Britain.

The never ending energy price rises have been blamed on world fossil fuel prices by Chris Huhne and the renewables energy lobby, the huge tax payer subsidies for renewable energy and the ludicrous feed in tariffs are of course, according to Huhne only adding a small amount to household enerygy bills.

A number of other organisations disagree, including David Cameron’s own advisors and now a survey by a price comparison web site gives the real impact of  Huhne’s Green madness: Read the rest of this entry

We’re Not Going To Save The Planet By Putting Our Country Out Of Business

George Osborne "We're not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business"

At last after 18 months of Dave and his brand of social democracy and Blair worship, something approaching a real Conservative has stepped up and said the insanity of Liberal Climate Change Minister Chris Huhne must be stopped.

Huhne is currently trying to stop Britain’s shale gas revolution by pushing the mendacious warming alarmist propaganda documentary Gasland as a real and valid reason to stop fracking.

At the Conservative Party conference the Chancellor, George Osborne has said it is time to stop the insanity of the Greens: Read the rest of this entry