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Keystone XL On Track To Be The Biggest Green Defeat Since Records Began


The secret of any campaign be it military, or in this case Green protest is to pick a fight you can realistically win, otherwise you are likely to have your own Battle of the Little Big Horn and join George Armstrong Custer in ignominious defeat.

Keystone XL is a 1700 mile pipeline that will stretch from Alberta in Canada to refineries in Texas and Oklahoma, the pipeline will be buried 4 feet underground and have switch off points every 20 miles.

The Greens and warming alarmists decided that the Keystone XL pipeline was going to be their battle, they would defeat the pipeline and the evil oil sands of Alberta would forever stay in the ground, failure to obey the Greens would naturally lead to catastrophic global warming and the whole planet would fry as a consequence.

The warming alarmists and their scientists expected the great Green hope, Barack Obama would live up to his Green rhetoric and a put a stop to the whole project. Read the rest of this entry