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Bought And Paid For By Unite Gordon Brown Cant Do Ba About The BA Strike

Charlie Wheelan's bought and paid for Prime Minister

The most stupid  strike in recent years  is now into it’s first day.

British Airways are claiming that sufficient cabin crew have turned up for them to operate the published service, while Labour’s paymasters Unite are claiming well populated picket lines; nothing unusual in the rhetoric.

The strike has caused a storm in politics, but nowhere more so than in the Labour Party. Last weekend the Transport Secretary Lord Adonis had the temerity to blame Unite for the strike, the fallout was almost instantaneous with Labour’s paymasters calling Downing Street and telling them to muzzle Lord Adonis and that Unite should NOT BE BLAMED for the strike.

On Monday Gordon Brown was on the BBC Radio 4 program Womans Hour where he manged to utter a few words like “deplorable”, “wrong time”, “unjustified” but could go no further for fear of having the purse strings cut by Charlie Wheelan.

BA and many other airlines are in a very weakened state financially because of the recession, ever increasing Green taxes for the non existent AGW threat and the price of aviation fuel. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Fails To Criticise Unite Over British Airways Strike

The forthcoming BA strike called by the Labour Party’s pay masters, the Unite Union is one of the most stupid strikes of modern times.

Since the recession every airline has suffered badly, a lot have gone bust including some household names, the farcicial green taxes are increasing the cost of flying as the amount the disposable income in people’s pockets declines. In short the airlines cannot afford any interuptions to their declining revenue streams.

At the weekend Lord Adonis, the Transport Secretary caused a storm by blaming Unite for the strike; so big was the storm that Labour’s paymasters Unite called Downing Street to say that they should not be blamed for the strike. Read the rest of this entry