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Boris Johnson Increases Policing For London

Boris Johnson increasing Police numbers by 1,112 for 2010-2011

A recent poll for the Evening Standard carried out by Opinion Matters highlights clearly public concerns about cuts to policing not only in the country as a whole, but also London.

The results of the poll and public perception, are of cuts to Police numbers in London, however nothing could be further from truth: Read the rest of this entry

Still More Outstanding Bad Judgement From Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone on Iranian Press TV more bad judgement

Occaisonally Ken Livingstone takes time off from bothering reptiles, to display differing degrees of bad judgement; so bad is Ken’s judgement he can only have studied this particualr political shortcoming at the George Galloway school of bad judgement.

Barely had the 2012 campaign got underway then Ken displaying all the dexterity of a one legged man at an ass kicking contest, got embroiled in the row at the Rottenborough of Tower Hamlets run by Lutfur Rahman and his coterie of Radical Islam Councillors. Rahman is politically toxic, too toxic even for the weak Labour party run by the strange egg creature from Fraggle Rock who sometimes appears to be Ed Miliband; too toxic even for a weak leader to be forced to reinstate.

Ken is 100% behind Rahman, who should Ken get elected, will doubtless get some very well paid job furthering the cause of politically correct rottenboroughs.

On December 7th Ken selected Val Shawcross to be his running mate, fortunately not in the biblical sense; just 8 days later Shawcross was photographed picketing with members of the TSSA Union. Read the rest of this entry