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The Great Climate Change Lie – Now We Have To Give Up Meat

By Tory Aardvark

Last week we had the Prime Mentalist going on about how there are only 50 days left to save the world from the great climate change lie.

Yesterday another bunch of social engineering control freaks were proposing to introduce increased energy taxes on our homes, triple the outrageous fuel duty that we pay and add £3300 to the price of a new car.

Labour Idiots

Shutting this bunch up would save a lot of CO2

The greatest danger free thinking people face today is the Eco Socialism of Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and the European Union. As the great climate change lie unravels they still persist in their vision of a socially engineered world where we live our lives according to their vision of our society.

Climate Change has given the Socialists and quasi-Communists the opportunities for taxation they have always dreamed of.

Climate Change and taxation go hand in hand like bread and butter, anyone who dares speak out against this lie is shouted down and vilified in the same way that anyone who questioned immigration a few years ago was labelled a “racist”.

In the latest bit of hysterical insanity we have to give up eating meat now, because the Politbureau have decided we should all become vegetarians. According to Lord Stern we have to give up meat to save the planet.

The ecomentalists have to be stopped otherwise we have a future of living in cold, dark homes lit by candles, sharing a communal horse and cart, never going more than 5 miles from where we were born and subsisting on a diet of vegetables.

Who wants to live in a pre-industrial revolution Britain where 60-70% of what we earn is taken in tax, and cabinet ministers like Mandelson and Baroness Scotland have the standard of living we all enjoy now and swan around in their Jaguars.

Gordon Brown unable to attract leading bankers to meeting in New York

By Tory Aardvark

“Obama swerved no fewer than five requests from Downing Street to hold a bilateral meeting either at the UN in New York or at the G20 summit starting in Pittsburgh today. Obama himself was in New York to deliver a speech to the UN. Brown’s own speech to the UN was delivered to a half-empty auditorium.” writes Guido in bis blog.


The repeated snubs of Gordon Brown by Barack Obama have been reported widely, denied and finally had cold water poured on them by Downing Street.

Rumours are circulating that Obama and Brown have already had a wide ranging discussion, in the kitchen at the UN.

The real humiliation of Brown takes place later on at specially convened meeting of bankers.

Picture the scene the lights go dim, the dry ice starts to smoke and Gordon Brown emerges to the strains of David Bowie’s the Man Who Saved The World.
Taking his place on the podium Brown looks at his audience and sees one heavy weight US banker, everyone else present are US representatives of UK banks.

“That compares poorly to the two previous such meetings the Prime Minister has hosted in the city during the credit crisis, when big names including star hedge fund manager George Soros and JP Morgan Chase chairman Jamie Dimon showed up.” writes James Quinn in The Telegraph