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IPCC – “Sandy Was Not Caused By Anthropogenic Global Warming”

World wide storm activity is decreasing not increasing

If there is one thing the Greens and the warming alarmists really get their rocks off on, it is a natural disaster or weather event.

The bigger the loss of life and damage the happier the warmists are, making Green political capital out of people’s suffering is all in a day’s work  for the average Green warming alarmist.

In Green La La land everything is attributable to Anthropogenic Global Warming, or increasing levels of atmospheric CO2, or both.

As the list of Green environmental Armageddon non-events has continued to grow, so the increasingly desperate warming alarmist have turned to event attribution as the way to keep their scam alive, despite warmist scientists saying that event attribution is dangerous and scientifically unsound.

Tropical Storm Sandy was always going to be grabbed by the watermelons as still more proof of their irrational fear of CO2: Read the rest of this entry