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Daily Mirror Criticises Bikers Wootton Bassett Afghan Heroes Fund Raising Event

On Sunday 15,000 bikers gathered at Hullavington airfield and rode to what is often called the most patriotic town in Britain, Wootton Bassett.

During the course of the rideout they raised £100,000 for the Afghan Heroes Charity, who could possibly find fault and criticise people who ride motorcycles and choose to show solidarity and respect for our armed forces?

Enter stage right Daily Mirror Security Correspondent Chris Hughes:

NOW we’ve seen it all – hundreds of bikers showing their
“solidarity with frontline troops,” by trundling their petrol guzzling and fume spewing steeds through Wootton Bassett.

The rather loose connection between motorbikes and our troops, the organisers tell us, is that many of the bikers know, or are related to someone serving out in Afghanistan.

But I wonder if someone – just for a change – could set a trend by doing something they hate doing to raise money for good causes. And something that isn’t so public
and… well…. so annoying?

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