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Biodiversity And The Return Of The Moonbat

George is back espousing a new cause Biodiversity

Biodiversity darling, Global Warming is soo last season.

Selflessly and tirelessly the self appointed are mobilising to protect us from a global warming biodiversity crisis, the species most at risk the increasingly rare Barking Moonbat.

In recent years the Barking Moonbat numbers increased rapidly as they colonised the once popular COP sites, the rapid increase in numbers was however eclipsed, by the light speed at which numbers declined following the discovery of Climategate at COP15.

Despite the Gate virus a lone Harpying Moonbat (Lucas Mentalis) a very close relative of the Barking Moonbat did gain a toe hold in the House of Commons, but sadly though compatible with the Barking Moonbat Lucas Mentalis was unable to attract a mate and died out.

Liberalis Dementius is particularly vulnerable to the Gate virus which has mutated from the initial Climate strain into the more deadly Glacier and IPCC strains which have wiped out Barking Moonbats in areas where once they ruled supreme. Read the rest of this entry

Biodiversity Is The New Global Warming

Biodiversity the new Global Warming scam and about as successful as the old scam

There is an increasing trend in newspapers like The New York Times and The Guardian to try the old business as usual ploy that failed so badly at Copenhagen last year. It is almost as if the journalists concerned have been in hibernation since Gordon Brown led Al Gore into a broom cupboard.

In todays Guardian there is a total time warp piece from Jonathan Watts about the Biodiversity COP10 scam in Nagoya where the warming alarmists are busily repackaging their AGW scam as new dose of fear regarding species extinction. The cause you will be relieved to hear is naturally man made climate change.

The usual suspects for the warming alarmists get slapped, Western European nations, Canada and that great satan the USA, who has never signed up to the Convention on Biodiversity. Read the rest of this entry