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The Sun Continues To Set On Solar Power

BP backs off from solar after having turned its back on Carbon Capture and Storage

Another nail in the coffin of the Green Dream hit home today with the news that BP is pulling the plug on its solar operations.

The statement from BP is no big surprise, the German solar industry is as near as makes no difference bankrupt, the Solyndra scandal in the US is typical of the global failure of the solar power business and many governments have cut the Green taxes that allow the renewables industry to exist.

BP has been quietly shedding renewables jobs and closing facilities: Read the rest of this entry

The Villian Is Obama Not BP

The evidence is overwhelming. Any fair-minded person who examines the Gulf of Mexico oil spillage is compelled to two conclusions. First, that there is no evidence of wrongdoing by BP. Second, that the President of the United States has behaved disgracefully.

That paragrapgh was not written by a right wing journalist or blogger, but by one of the left leaning journos at the Independent.

So is the left wing liberal British Press starting to fall out of love with King Hussein?

From this article by Bruce Anderson it would appear that Obama is at last being seen for what he really is Read the rest of this entry