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The Story behind The Telegraph and the MP’s Expenses

By Tory Aardvark

The biggest political story since Watergate?
Possibly but the major coup by The Telegraph on the MP’s expenses scandal is now turning into a fascinating story in its own right.

A book Called No Expenses Spared is published tomorrow.

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

By Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

“How soldiers’ fury helped lead the Telegraph to its great exclusive” from Telegraph Blogs Editor Damian Thompson

Brown, various defence ministers and Brown’s government have sold the armed forces short, and it is widely recognised that the Government have broken the military covenant.

From cutting the defence budget while we were fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to lying to the country about the equipment our brave soldiers have, Brown and his shower have behaved shamefully.
When the Generals spoke out, they were subjected to the very best lies and smear campaign from the blueprint of Draper, Collins and McBride.
The storm that followed this finally forced “Working Class” Bob Ainsworth to order his weasles to stop smearing General Dannatt, this however did not stop Gordon Brown from personally blocking the Generals promotion to Chief of the Defence Staff. The country has lost a very capable and respected officer because of the vanity of Gordon Brown and his Labour Government, the armed forces a respected and skilled champion.

Aardvark believes in Karma, and in The Telegraph “MPs’ expenses details were leaked by a mole who was angry about the Government’s failure to properly equip Britain’s armed forces while politicians spent millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on themselves.” by the authors of the book is proof that what went around came back.

Gordon Brown Will Take No Action Against Law Chief

This utterly unbelievable, once again Gordon Brown has shown himself to be completely free of honour, integrity, transparency and fairness.

This is the sort of action we have come to expect from Brown and his corrupt, lying and largely unelected government.

If you want to read more of the odious details about this story then Sky’s political correspondent Joey Jones said: “The risk, from Gordon Brown’s point of view, is that he has embroiled himself in controversy, and the issues over Baroness Scotland will dog him throughout the run up to the Labour conference.”

Guido at order-order has this to say

David Blackburn at the Coffee House comments

The Attorney General speaks on Sky

This absolutely scandalous, there is one rule for the Labour Government, and there is another for all the rest of us.

Brown knows the General Election is lost, and Labour doomed, which is why he holds every one of us in utter contempt and treats us as though we are stupid.
This is not going down well with the public, as can be seen from the comments posted at Coffee Shop and Guido.

This story is unlikely to go away anytime soon

Well done Cyclops yet another nail in the coffin of Labour.

The Pace of Change and Gordon Brown

It must be said that Gordon Brown and his government are the world’s leading experts at the U turm; once again they demonstrate their skill and dexterity

5 September, 2009: Gordon Brown warns G20 countries against reining in spending, The Telegraph

“Britain is resisting pressure from Germany and other Euro-currency countries who are planning to moves towards an ‘exit strategy’ that would see some of the planned anti-recessionary spending programmes being scaled back to cut rising national debts.”

18 September, 2009: Gordon Brown to call for international agreement to cut public spending, The Telegraph

“Mr Brown says ‘exit strategies’ from the emergency fiscal measures that were introduced to stave off the worst excesses of the recession need to be agreed by all the leading nations.The Prime Minister will tell world leaders that a ‘new global compact’ is needed to govern how countries run their economies, and achieve and maintain growth.”

I wonder whether Brown’s G20 counterparts will be amused…

Thanks to the Coffee House Blog

Labour’s Spending Cuts Lie

10% Tory cuts, Labour investment.

How many times have we heard this, along with other great mistruths like “British Jobs For British Workers”.

The Prime Mentalist

The Prime Mentalist

On July 2nd, Gordon Brown told the House of Commons: “I have always told the truth and I’ve always told people as it is…we don’t want to have the 10 per cent cuts the Conservatives are talking about.

The Tories’ extremely destructive Treasury mole has leaked documents proving that Labour has been planning substantial cuts in front line services since before the budget.

David Blackburn blog at the Coffee Shop

To put no finer point on it, Gordon Brown lied.

Could this be the reason that the spending review has been delayed, Paul Waugh in the Evening Standard thinks so.

The leak is a disaster for the Treasury Faisal Islam on the C4 Blog

George Osborne calls Gordon Brown a liar and no-one blinks – Ben Brogan in the Telegraph

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More nails in the coffin of Brown and his political party

Fraser Nelson nails Gordon Brown (but not in the biblical sense)