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The Baroness, The Prime Mentalist and the lack of leadership

By Tory Aardvark

Baroness Scotland and her illegal worker is one story that shows no sign of going away.

Once again Gordon Brown has shown poor political judgement and an ever weakening of his strength as the Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party.

All the signs are that the Prime Minister has lost touch with the voters, and most importantly their mood. Following his half hearted and bungled attempt to clean up the troughing scandal, if you remember the PM was not actually in the HoC for the vote; all talk of cleaning up the expenses system has ceased as Brown staggers from one crisis to another.

The Radio 5 Live show was an absolute classic Brown performance, to one irate listener who let rip about his decision not to sack the Attorney General, Brown said “I understand you mood about this…” which can be roughly translated to “piss off and stop bothering me you mere pleb” followed by the classic “I have to be fair to the people concerned” which can also be translated as “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”

Brown only found out that Stephen Hesford had resigned on the same show.

Time and time again Brown has been criticised for lack of political awareness, and the unerring ability he has to always put himself between a rock and a hard place. The normal sequence for a U turn is Brown stands by you, The Daily Mail runs a campaign and five days later Brown fires you. So by my reckoning the Baroness is toast on Monday.

Charles Clark while being slowly tortured by Paxman on Newsnight tonight admitted that the ever increasing tide of PPS resignations were indicative of weak leadership, and more interestingly the Labour was not trusted by the country anymore.

Aardvark has learnt tonight that Stephen Hesford is defending a majority of 1,000 and after a somewhat expansive earlier blog about honesty and integrity keeps having the words rat, sinking, leave, ship whirling round in his head, but he  cant quite arrange them into a popular phrase, yet.

Baroness Scotland – How much longer will the “Patrician” last?

More shameful and arrogant behaviour from the Labour oligarchy. When was the last time anyone was fined £5000 for a parking ticket or falling to pay the congestion charge?

Baroness Scotland made a mistake

Baroness Scotland made a mistake

With his usual display of leadership Brown scuttled off to the United Nations to give our nuclear deterrent away, but not before giving the Baroness his support; followed by several ministers all singing from the same hymn sheet. One is left wondering if the farmer fined the other day under the same law can expect the same support for his mistake, probably not.
Then Baroness made the case for the law and steered it through Parliament, she patently does not understand her law fully, or was careless or neglient in her discharge of that duty.
If the Attorney General does not understand the law, then how can any penalties issued under that law be safe?

“Baroness Scotland provoked outrage last night after comparing her breach of immigration law with a minor motoring offence.”
writes James Chapman in The Mail

Meanwhile in The Telegraph Rosa Prince, John Bingham and Jon Swaine report “Baroness Scotland urged to quit by ministers”

Her aide Stephen Hesford has stood down saying
“My decision comes about because as an aide to the Law Officers, whilst I have great personal regard for the Attorney General, I cannot support the decision which allows her to remain in office.”..

MORE to follow!

The Pace of Change and Gordon Brown

It must be said that Gordon Brown and his government are the world’s leading experts at the U turm; once again they demonstrate their skill and dexterity

5 September, 2009: Gordon Brown warns G20 countries against reining in spending, The Telegraph

“Britain is resisting pressure from Germany and other Euro-currency countries who are planning to moves towards an ‘exit strategy’ that would see some of the planned anti-recessionary spending programmes being scaled back to cut rising national debts.”

18 September, 2009: Gordon Brown to call for international agreement to cut public spending, The Telegraph

“Mr Brown says ‘exit strategies’ from the emergency fiscal measures that were introduced to stave off the worst excesses of the recession need to be agreed by all the leading nations.The Prime Minister will tell world leaders that a ‘new global compact’ is needed to govern how countries run their economies, and achieve and maintain growth.”

I wonder whether Brown’s G20 counterparts will be amused…

Thanks to the Coffee House Blog

The Baroness, The Illegal Worker and The Prime Mentalist

This a story that sounds like it should become a classic of British Literature, and given time it will probably be taught to future generations as the time when British Politics and Government sunk to the levels of Zimbabwe, while using a script provided by Quentin Tarantino.

This government led by Gordon Brown has no standards of moral integrity, honour or responsibility. Labour under Tony Blair, did away with wrong doers at the speed of the light; Blair had political awareness, but not integrity.

Like her cleaner, it’s time for the Baroness to go comments The Mail on Sunday

So where is the Prime Mentalist?
As usual when the fan and the effluent get together, Brown can be found hiding in his bunker waiting for the nasty things to go away.

Will Baroness Scotland resign or will Brown fire her?

Strangely enough integrity and honesty could be about to break out in the Labour Party, former party whip Graham Stringer has condemmed Brown’s total lack of leadership on the matter. With a particularly neat touch that amuses Ardvaark, Stringer goes on say “That Tony Blair would have handled this much better”. More from Glen Owen in The Mail

In a new and interesting twist UK Border Agency officers smashed their way into Loloahi Tapui’s flat in West London writes Daniel Boffey in The Mail