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Brownfall – Fear And Loathing In Downing Street

Gordon Browns Government Of All Twats

More extracts from the Dark Lords book The Third Man, from behind the Times pay wall with the revelation Fear and Loathing at No 10.

Is it interesting or just another tired cliché that The Times should have gone for what a generation ago would have been cutting edge satire but it is now thanks to Jonny Depp just a weird film, which bares little resemblance to the original book by Hunter S Thompson.

A good deal of time has passed since Aardvark read Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas but if memory serves Aardvark correctly there is a line in the book that goes “There is nothing more depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge”, which was something to do with an overweight Samoan attorney.

This could of course could be applied to Gordon Brown as “There is nothing more depraved than a man in the depths of a power binge”, look how many days it took Brown to come down from his power trip before he could get his shit together and leave No 10. Read the rest of this entry

Obamas Downfall Continues To Mirror Brownfall

The ever increasingly rapid decline of King Hussein in the USA, is continuing to mirror the downfall of Gordon Brown.

The curse of Jonah Brown has travelled across continents firstly visiting Climate Change nut Kevin Rudd in Australia and now infecting the icon of global socialism Barack Hussein Obama. Read the rest of this entry

Blairfall The Video

By Tory Aardvark

In the begining there was Brownfall now there is Blairfall

Our full collection of Brownfall videos are here