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The Cost Of Green Energy Topples The Government In Bulgaria

The citizens of Europe's poorest country, Bulgaia, take to the streets to protest the cost of Green Energy and Poverty

The citizens of Europe’s poorest country, Bulgaria, take to the streets to protest the cost of Green Energy and Poverty

There is a lesson to learned from events last month in Europe’s poorest country, Bulgaria, well actually there are 2 lessons to be learned, both unfortunately need to be learned by politicians in the rest of Europe, or the world when it comes to it.

The first lesson is that people will not put up with ever increasing electricity bills in the name of saving the planet while a few fat cats and crony capitalists cream off huge profits from Green subsidies on ordinary people’s and businesses energy bills, the second lesson is that Green intermittent renewable energy wreaks havoc on electrical grids, ultimately leading to brown outs and black outs as the grid cannot cope with the sudden Green energy spikes.

History shows that even a short period of rolling black outs will bring down a Government, even in a country like Britain, when in 1974 then Prime Minister Edward Heath took on the miners, with the resulting Three Day Week of rolling power cuts. Heath called an election in February 1974 when the Three Day Week was at its height, and effectively lost the election as he could not form a working majority for Government.

On February 20th this year protests at the cost of Green energy and the resulting increased poverty toppled the government of Boyko Borissov: Read the rest of this entry