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The Green Stupidity Of David Cameron

Call Me Dave suspects that the recent storms that have hit the UK are linked to Global Warming but he is not sure. So why say anything?

Call Me Dave suspects that the recent storms that have hit the UK are linked to Global Warming but he is not sure. So why say anything?

Green stupidity still occasionally holds sway at the highest levels of government in some countries in the EU, as was amply demonstrated by British Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons yesterday.

Fortunately not all countries in the EU are saddled with politicians who are nothing more than molluscs, liberally dipped in snake oil, The Czech Republic and Poland for example, have politicians who long ago decided being Green was stupid and have since put the interests of their citizens ahead of trying to earn personal Green credentials on the world stage.

In the run up to the General Election in 2010 which Cameron failed to win, one of Cameron’s big spin lines was that, He (Cameron) was the natural heir to Tony Blair, yep truly something to aspire to being, a socialist war monger, can there be any higher aspirational goal?

Cameron blows hot and cold on the Climate Change boondoggle, during the COP19 fiasco in Warsaw last November Cameron was allegedly wandering about muttering darkly about “Green crap” in response to rising consumer anger about energy prices, and the ever increasing cost of renewable energy subsidies.

Yesterday was obviously a hot day for Global Warming in Cameron world Read the rest of this entry

WWF “David Cameron Must Break His Silence On Climate Change”

Dave bothering a husky on Svalbard in 2006 on a trip organised by impartial environment group WWF

The world was a different place in 2006, the Anthropogenic Global Warming fad was still new and shiny, when the WWF took then leader of Her Majesty’s opposition David “Call me Dave” Cameron to Svalbard to see the effects of man made global warming in the Arctic.

Cameron like any other vote seeking politician saw the Green fear stories of man made environmental holocaust as a vote winner, and before long Dave was bothering huskies, putting wind turbines on his roof and having the Conservative Party logo changed to a green tree; Vote Blue Go Green was the crass logo on Conservative Party T-shirts of the time.

Cameron along with Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and many other leading politicians were instrumental in crafting and getting the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 passed by Parliament.

When the Vichy coalition government was formed Dave was going to be the “fourth minister” at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne’s Downfall Will End The Farce Of The Greenest Government Ever

The demise of Attila the Huhnatic will kill off the farce of the Greenest Governemnt ever

At the heart of this Vichy Government are 2 warming alarmists, mock Conservative and Prime Minister David Cameron and his Lib Dem poodle, Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne.

With Huhne trying weather a shitstorm about what amounts to allegations of his attempts to pervert the course of justice for motoring offences, the whole economic suicide pact between Cameron and Huhne to kill Britain economically hangs in the balance.

Make no mistake if these two Climate Lemmings get their way and hamstring our industry with the only CO2 emissions targets in the world, this country is on a slide back to Agricultural Revolution Britain, and you can forget constant and reliable electricity supplies as well, as Cameron and Huhne tie us to the sheer folly of renewables. Read the rest of this entry

EU 25% CO2 Cut Will Lead To De-industrialisation Of Europe

Atilla the Huhnatic and EUSSR Commisar Connie Hedegaard hell bent on destroying industry in Europe

Connie Hedegaard the unelected EU Commissar for Climate Change has manged to increase cuts in CO2 emissions from 20% – 25% by 2020 which is being hailed as a major victory by the warming alarmists who are so blinded by the light of their evangelism, they cannot see anything beyond the cut they have secured.

In Britain we are truly at the mercy of the warming alarmist politicians here and then from the unelected faceless monolith of the European Union. The excuse for a government we currently have is led by a weak, politically inept idiot that likes people to call him Dave.

Dave wants to be all things to all men and makes incredibly stupid statements like being the natural heir to Tony Blair, and this will be the Greenest government ever. A further sign of the weakness of Dave is the disproportionate influence a small number of LibDem ministers have over Government Policy.

Dave just stands by and watches Chris Hune and the EU pursue insane Climate Change policies: Read the rest of this entry

Dear Dave What We Want Is An Affordable Energy Policy

Symbolic Eco Warrior Dave and his minature bird chopper

The rumblings of discontent over the unaffordable climate change religion policies continues at the Conservative Home site with still more rebellion over blind adherence to the Church of Climatology.

Yesterday the Energy Intensive Users Group and the Trades Union Congress released a major report on the potential impact of climate change policies on energy intensive industries. Here is what some of the groups involved said about the potential impact on jobs, sorry to quote at length but this is an important statement from a number of major employers:

“Managing Director and CEO of Tata Steel Europe, Kirby Adams said: “Many governments have determined that man-made climate change is one of the most pressing issues the world faces today. Corus can be part of the solution through relentless process improvements, investing in breakthrough technologies and supplying and developing new products that underpin a lower CO2 economy. Read the rest of this entry