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COP16 Chris Huhne To Cancun Leave Early

Chris Huhne - Ed Miliband wont allowing pairing with a Labour MP hence the early return

Tomorrows vote on Tuition Fees is having an impact beyond the shores of Britain, as Ed Miliband wont allow Chris Huhne and a Labour MP to “pair up”; pairing up is where the parties cooperate and because an MP can’t be there for a vote, the opposition pair the MP’s up so they cancel each others vote.

This really is a win win situation as Chicken Little will have to leave the farce in Cancun to vote which means he can’t be involved in any more crackpots schemes involving wind turbines and the non existent Green jobs lie.

Milibands stance is interesting as recently as, September Ed was still bleating about AGW. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Cancun Attendance Down 82% Since COP15 Copenhagen

Could this be the final gasp of the warming alarmists and wealth redistributors?

November 2009 and despite being overrun by wind trubines, for a week in November/December private jets and limos out numbered the bird choppers as Denmark hosted the COP15 Climate Scam.

Shortages of private limos meant that additonal cars had to be sourced from Germany and Sweden, and trying to park the Lear jet was hell, as every airport within 100 miles of Copenhagen was swamped by the private jets of the Green eco-warriors.

The world was treated to the scare tactics of Gordon Brown, the setteled science of Barack Obama and the plummeting Polar Bears of that fuckwit Joss Garman, delegates at COP15 were even offered free hookers, Read the rest of this entry

Church Of Climatology Is Still After Our Money

They will be after your money again in November

The warming alarmists and wealth redistributors were at it again last week, albeit quietly, but never the less assembled in Geneva and looking for new ways to give our money away.

GENEVA, Sept 3 (Reuters) – Almost 50 nations made progress on Friday towards a “Green Fund” to help poor countries fight global warming but hosts Mexico and Switzerland said a full U.N. climate treaty was out of reach for 2010.

Environment ministers and senior officials meeting in Geneva also examined how to raise a promised $100 billion a year in climate aid from 2020 — perhaps from carbon markets, higher plane fares or taxes on shipping — to be managed by the Fund. Read the rest of this entry