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Climate Scam – World Bank Warns That The Carbon Market Is Failing

Carbon Trading - in terminal decline globally

Carbon Trading - in terminal decline globally

As the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam continues it’s slow and inexorable death, the industries that clung to its back like renewables and the Carbon Trading Scam have started to wither and die as the AGW vine dies.

Prior to COP15 in Copenhagen and Climategate the wheels had started to come off the carbon trading wagon, as the recession bit across Europe and industrial output declined, so did emissions, which had a knock on effect on the need for investment. The recession, the corruption of the European ETS scheme and uncertainty about Cap n Trade in the US and Australia all played their part in the decline of Carbon Trading. Read the rest of this entry

EU And California Plan To Link Emissions Trading Scams

EU getting together with ecomentalists in California to try and force cap n' trade on the US

Connie Hedegaard the unelected Climate Commissar of the EUSSR is now trying to join the with ecomentalists in California to create a bigger carbon trading scam, that they hope will eventually force the US in to adopting a cap n trade scheme, irrespective of the democratic choice made by the American people in November 2010.

Democracy, elections and the European Union have never been the best of friends, and given the slightest chance the EU will always suppress democracy and elections. with an unelected President symbolising this perfectly, when you marry this lack of democracy with the blind adherence to Climate Religion,  then democracy has little chance. Read the rest of this entry