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Australian Conservatives Top Priority Is To Kill Gillards Carbon Tax

There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead, unless I need the Greens to hang to power, in which case I have just lied.

There will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead, unless I need the Greens to hang on to power, in which case I have just lied.

Julia Gillard’s Labor regime in Australia is in deep political trouble because Gillard lied to voters, when she was elected Gillard promised she would not implement a carbon tax, a promise she promptly broke.

Gillard is no different from any other politician, it’s all about power, and the way Gillard managed to hang on to power was to do a deal with the Australian Green Party, the price of this deal a Carbon Tax and Gillard reneging on her promise to voters.

The Carbon Tax has been popular with voters, about as popular as a skunk in an elevator, 65% of Australian voters are against it, and despite Gillard offering bribes to business and voters the carbon tax is showing no sign of becoming popular anytime soon.  The Labor party suffered a massive defeat in the March 2012 Queensland elections, and currently polling indicates a similar outcome is very likely  in the Federal Election this coming September. Read the rest of this entry

Carbon Tax – How Long Can Julia Gillard Survive

Australia’s carbon tax became law on July 1st, it is against the law to blame cost increases on the carbon tax in the Green socialist state Australia has now become

Julia Gillards minority government and their Green supporters dream of a carbon tax became a reality on July 1st, to the detriment of Australia’s economy and people.

The Greening of Australia has seen the real face of Green environmentalism, which has shown it self to be every bit as totalitarian as any communist regime. Christine Milne, deputy leader of the Australian Green party wants  “to punish newspapers which publish articles sceptical of global warming and critical of the Gillard Government.“.

The ghosts of dictators past must be dancing for joy, Australia, a country that has always stood up for freedom and resisted tyrants like Adolf Hitler is having its very own freedoms eroded from within by the Green followers of climate religion. In the middle ages people were punished for being sceptical of the Catholic Church’s teachings, in the communist/socialist totalitarian regimes of the 20th Century people critical of the government were also punished, these are exactly the same draconian measures that Green environmentalists want. Read the rest of this entry

Animal Farm: Welcome To Julia Gillard’s Australia

Business can be fined Aus $1.1 million for blaming carbon tax for price rises

Imagine you are watching the news and a report comes on TV about a country where to criticise a policy of the government results in a crippling fine that would finish your business, a country where to mention a law in anything but a positive light would cause the full force of the state apparatus to descend upon you.

North Korea maybe? Syria or Iran?

The answer is Australia where after years of Green madness Julia Gillard’s Labor government with the support of the Australian Green party have forced through a deeply unpopular and  unwanted carbon tax, just as the IPCC have come out and said, er sorry guys but we are not really sure that CO2 has any impact on global temperatures anymore.

Australian Green Socialists have sought to control the media, in July the Green party leader Christine Milne demanded political censorship and punishment for dissent for the media to the  enthusiastic applause from an  audience of party faithful.

Now the Gillard/Milne Animal Farm dream of a government controlled state has taken a step closer: Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron Warming Alarmist And Heir To Blair

Cameron supporting Gillard's Carbon Tax like his hero Tony Blair

David Cameron in his own words “I am the heir to Blair” and never was a more true word spoken, just like Tony Blair the paid Global Warming Hoax promoter.

Tony Blair said at Copenhagen COP!5 “The world must take action on climate change…even if the science is not correct“, which is an astounding statement in its own right.

David Cameron and Julia Gillard share something else apart from Climate Religion they are both leaders of unpopular Coalition Governments where Greens and Liberals wield undue power: Read the rest of this entry