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Is This The End For Hedegaard And The EU Emissions Trading Scheme

Comrade Connie gets it wrong again by jumping on the warming alarmist event attribution bandwagon

Things are starting to slide for unelected EU Climate Commissar Connie Hedegaard, the rot set in prior to COP18 with EU officials saying that Hedegaards pushing for emissions cuts of 30% as fanciful thinking, next Hedegaard and her opposition to shale gas was ignored and now her plan to save the EU ETS has failed.

The European Unions climate change policy is at the point of collapse, the carbon floor price has crashed through the floor to an all time low of €2.63 a metric ton, after MEPs voted against “backloading” the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The EU ETS has been in crisis for years, there was a huge €5bn VAT fraud, then the computer systems were hacked and down for weeks, the price of carbon globally has been in free fall and backloading was the last ditch attempt to save the ETS.

Backloading is essentially withholding from sale 900 million carbon permits in an attempt to drive up the price of carbon which continues to fall due to the economic problems and decline in manufacturing in the EU.

Commissar Connie described backloading as “no brainer”, ignoring the obvious irony of such a statement, Hedegaard had put her all her political clout behind backloading, the rejection by the EU Parliament is a decisive blow to Hedegaard and the Green Agenda she relentlessly pushes. Read the rest of this entry

Nationwide Warns Customers About Carbon Credit Trading Scams

The Nationwide Building Society/Bank regularly sends customers lists of financial scams to avoid, included in their latest newsletter to customers is Carbon trading: Read the rest of this entry

Global Warming A Scam In Decline

The Church of Climatology really needs Michael E Mann to step forward and produce another graph to hide the decline, this time not to produce massaged data to hide the Middle Age Warming Period, but to hide the decline in the ever dwindling scam of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The only victor at Durban was Big Oil and then Canada Abandoned Kyoto just one day after those that love the planet leapt into their limos and headed for their private jets at the airport: Read the rest of this entry