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Why Do Socialists Hate Bloggers

Cass Sunstein Obamas Internet Czar

There are some remarkable similarities between the now defunct regime of Gordon Brown and the Obama administration, the blind adherence to the junk science of Climate Change, the profligate spending, the appointment of Czars for intrusive big government and the nanny state and the desire to suppress bloggers and free speech.

In the UK disgraced trougher and former Communities Minister Hazel Blears twice tried to float the idea that bloggers should be licenced by the Government. Blears was concerned about the “corrosive effect” that right wing bloggers were having on politics in Britain, for corrosive you can read exposing the lies and deceit of Gordon Brown and the troughing habits of Blears, The Redditch Saddleback et al.

So it’s no surprise to read in Daniel Hannans blog that similar moves are afoot in the USA. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Cass Sunstein Is The Biggest Threat To Freedom Since Stalin

A year or so back disgraced former Communities Secretary Hazel Blears came up with a scheme for the Labour government to licence bloggers, the troughing chipmunk Blears wanted to stop the “corrosive influence” of right wing bloggers. It makes Aardvark laugh to be called “corrosive” by a Labour politician who betrayed the trust of Parliament and her constituents for significant personal gain, the words thieving bitch spring to mind.

Since the Labour regime came to power in 1997 there has been a continued effort to suppress free speech and thought on a number of issues from immigration to Climate Change.

The usual tactics are to invent new words ending in either “ist” or “ism”, if this does not suppress debate then a campaign of smears and lies and attempted isolation of dissenters takes place.

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The way that Labour allowed uncontrolled immigration covered by the “Racist” and “Racism” chants is a perfect case study of how socialists work to achieve their aims, one thing that is consistent about socialists: It makes no difference which nationality they are, be they East German, British or American they all use the same project plan and methods.

So it is no great suprise to find that after just over a year of King Hussein the same methods are being used in the USA by Obama’s Commisars Czars, in this case one Cass Sunstein.

Sunstein is Obama’s “Regulatory Czar” whatever that might mean.

In a lengthy academic paper, President Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, argued the U.S. government should ban “conspiracy theorizing.”

Among the beliefs Sunstein would ban is advocating that the theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud.

Sunstein also recommended the government send agents to infiltrate “extremists who supply conspiracy theories” to disrupt the efforts of the “extremists” to propagate their theories.

In a 2008 Harvard law paper, “Conspiracy Theories,” Sunstein and co-author Adrian Vermeule, a Harvard law professor, ask, “What can government do about conspiracy theories?”

“We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.”

Sunstein defined a conspiracy theory as “an effort to explain some event or practice by reference to the machinations of powerful people, who have also managed to conceal their role.”

Some “conspiracy theories” recommended for ban by Sunstein include:

* “The theory of global warming is a deliberate fraud.”

Hat tip to WordNetDaily for the whole story and Sunstein’s paper.

There is something worrying how post Copenhagen and Climategate all pretext of saving the world from a giant mutant star goat has gone, all there is left for the eco fascists is forcing their will upon us by anti democratic laws.

If we allow them to do that then we have no one to blame but ourselves.