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Keystone XL And The Biggest Climate Rally In History

Champagne environmentalist Daryl Hannah is arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest.

Champagne environmentalist Daryl Hannah is arrested at the Keystone XL pipeline protest.

The story goes like this, Canada has oil rich sands in Alberta, the plan is to build a 1700 mile underground pipeline from Alberta to oil refineries in Texas and Oklahoma, the pipeline is known as Keystone XL.

Keystone XL has been chosen by the warming alarmists and Champagne Celebrities as the environmental battle to fight, the decision Obama makes on Keystone will for the Greens be the defining moment on whether or not Obama delivered his State of Union address promises to lead on the fight for the UN and governments to control the planets weather.

Previous protests against Keystone have seen NASAs James Hansen, the fabricator of ever warming historical records of temperature data, get arrested, a fate shared in this latest protest by Daryl Hannah.

The protest against Keystone was billed as the “Biggest Climate Rally In History” but was it? Read the rest of this entry

Flying – More Hollywood Champange Enviormentalist Green Hypocrisy

Arnold Schwarzenegger the caring enviornmentalist in his new $250,000 Mercedes Unimog military truck which does at best 16 mpg

Fortunes have been mixed for Arnold Schwarzenegger after ceasing to be governor of the worlds largest libtard asylum California, the Governator tried to start his own warming alarmist outfit, the R20 Climate Network, which has hardly been a success.

There was that unfortunate incident where the Sperminator got caught playing hide the salami with the maid, and then the man with multiple Hummers and a carbon footprint the size of a mastodon announced his future as Green activist.

There is this common misconception in Green Hollywood that if you fly first class on a normal scheduled airline to an environmental conference, instead of using your own private jet then you have made the ultimate sacrifice and your Green credentials have, well for wont of a better expression, even more credibility. Read the rest of this entry

Sir Richard Branson Does A Rapid About Turn On All Things Green

Sir Richard Branson just a few short months ago was saving Antartica with Al Gore from CO2 emissions, now Branson says Green Britain is on the verge of joining the Third World.

Another Green evangelist profiteer has shown their true colours and ceased to be Green as the realisation dawns, that post Rio+20, the huge profits they expected to reap from the Great Global Warming Scam have dried up.

In January this year Branson was cruising Antarctica with Al Gore and worrying about the effects of Anthropogenic Global Warming on the continent, and especially the impact of Climate Change on krill stocks.

Still fired up with Green idealism in February, Branson wrote an article for Age of Energy: The Green Economy where he stated “We must put the planet before profit“. Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Champagne Environmentalists Appearing At Durban

U2 front man Bono is one of the champagne environmentalists attending Durban

COP17 Durban is attracting some so called A List Celebrities like U2 asshole mouthpiece Bono, a man once described by former British Prime Minister and illegal war bringer Tony Blair, as Prime Minister material. Blair should know, it takes one duplicitous two faced slime ball to recognise the same qualities in another.

One half of Brangelina is also attending, that’s the Tomb Raider half for those that are interested.

Also attending are Leonardo Di Caprio and former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 UK Government No Climate Agreement Likely Before 2020

The message from COP17 ignore affordable energy and go for very expensive renewables

The nailgun is busy today, as yet another nail is hammered into the coffin containing the still born COP17 Synod of the Church of Climatology.

The UN is predicting failure  for COP17 this time, following on from the spectacular failures of COP16 in Cancun and COP15 Copenhagen when Climategate really did for the whole concept of Man Made Global Warming.

Now the warming alarmist coalition government of Britain is saying the world is at least 10 years away from a global economic suicide pact, which is a new departure for warming alarmism, which normally specialises is moving the dates for predicted Environmental Holocaust ever further into the future,  in the vain hope that by that distant date their predictions of doom will come true or increasing the safe amount of atmospheric CO2 from 350 ppm to 450 ppm, shame no one has told that their scare is obsolete. Read the rest of this entry

The Hypocrisy Of Champagne Environmentalists

John Travolta's Boeing 707 one of a fleet of 5 jets owned by the Champagne Environmentalist

The Champagne Environmentalist, purveyor of the Green Eco hair shirt life style for us, and a 21st Century business as usual life style for them.

The Champagne Environmentalist comes in many shapes and guises, some are the unelected EU officials, some UN carbon gravy train riders, others the self appointed NGOs like the WWF and Greenpeace and probably the most odious are the vacuous showbiz celebrities who preach the Green message because they think its cool, or they will make money from the gullible sheeple from the Church of Climatology. Read the rest of this entry