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Tony Blair Lied And Exaggerated Iran’s Role In Iraq

Blair takes a breather from having his nose up Bushs butt

It seems like a different life time ago that Gordon Brown gave evidence lied to the Chilcot Inquiry.

Largely forgotten about with General Elections and Coalition Governments The Iraq Inquiry has rumbled inexorably along, but it only takes the name of former Labour Party Leader and War Criminal Tony Blair to bring the inquiry back into the headlines. Read the rest of this entry

Gordon Brown Did He Lie To Chilcot Or Did The Infallible One Make A Mistake

Gordon Brown at the Chilcot Inquiry

Gordon Brown has a written a 3 page letter to the Chilcot Inquiry explaining that new facts have come to light and that the evidence he gave was wrong, there is no apology for the errors which actually apply to 25% of the time Labour has been in office.

How many times have Brown and his supporters repeated that for every year since Labour came to power “defence spending has increased in real terms”?

There have been many stories about Brown cutting helicopter budgets and repeatedly denying life saving equipment for our troops. All have been denied by the Labour propaganda machine.

At PMQs on Wednesday Gordon Brown did a humiliating climb down and admitted he the information he gave the Iraq Inquiry was wrong, strangely enough at last week’s PMQs the information was still correct.

The statement about “defence spending rising every year in real terms” was described a disingenuous by some, Aardvark prefers the phrase “a calculated lie”. Read the rest of this entry