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Chris Evans Speaks On Global Warming

Chris Evans owns 6 Ferraris says "if you light a fire, your living room warms up, doesn’t it? It’s not rocket science!"

There is an old saying about keeping your mouth shut, and letting everyone think you are a fool, instead of speaking and confirming what everyone thought in the first place.

So called celebrities have an embarrassing habit of developing foot and mouth disease when talking about the Climate Change scam, until now Danny Glover has probably made the most stupid comment yet, when he blamed the Haiti earthquake on Global Warming.

This week Chris Evans and former BBC News Reader Moria Stewart inserted their feet firmly in their mouths on Evans Radio 2 Show broadcast on January 26th for all scientists and their assistants.

Evans has firm a grasp of the AGW scam, likening it to “lighting a fire in your living room“, while Stewart says “they’re very well meaning and giving us findings…“, about the junk science; but it’s all OK because they mean well.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and all that Read the rest of this entry