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Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling Condems Islam4UK March On Wotton Bassett

Chris Grayling has issued the following statement today:

“We are absolutely clear in our view that the police and the local authority should prevent this march from going ahead. The actions of Islam4UK are utterly objectionable. It has close links with banned preachers of hate and has arranged for them to preach in the UK by audio and video link. We can’t go on like this, the law should already have made it possible for them to be prosecuted for doing that.”

The law should already have made it possible for them to be prosecuted for doing that.” Chris Grayling is correct they should be prosecuted but under Gordon Brown and Labour it will never happen, just in case they might offend somebody, might not be liberal or multicultural enough, or even worse it might cost Brown and Labour some immigrant votes.

Choudary admits he is treasonous and has no sympathy for the families of our war dead

All Gordon Brown has to say is the march is “completely inappropriate“; go Gordon that’s telling them.

Considerable difference in response from Conservative Shadow Home Secretary and Labour Prime Minister, don’t worry Gordon Aardvark is sure you will have preserved your immigrant vote.

It is worth remembering that thanks to Labour’s back door immigration policy to force multiculturalism on this country that we now provide housing, food and benefits for traitorous scum like Choudary so that they can stab our armed forces and their families in the back.

More than 185,000 have signed up to the No To The Planned Islam4UK March Through Wootton Bassett group in less than three days, since it went live on Facebook.

The group’s creator Jo Cleary, who volunteers in running the Armed Forces support group Honour Our Troops, told Sky News Online her supporters were prepared to march on Downing Street unless the Prime Minister intervened.

She called on Gordon Brown to “categorically state” the march through Wootton Bassett would be banned, and avoid “one of his wishy-washy statements


Sorry Jo wishy washy is all the cursed one eyed son of the Manse is capable of, there are votes at stake.

Chris Grayling accuses Brown of attempting to “whitewash” Baroness Scotland’s employment of illegal housekeeper

By Tory Aardvark

This story keeps rumbling ever onwards as Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has today written to Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson:
I am writing to you concerning the investigation by the Borders Agency into Baroness Scotland. You will be aware that the investigation was concluded within forty eight hours of the story about her housekeeper first breaking, and that the Agency ruled that she had inadvertently broken the rules for those who employ migrant workers.

“This investigation appears to have been concluded with a speed that is almost unprecedented for such inquiries, and the Agency appears to have reached its conclusion without carrying out a detailed interview with the housekeeper herself. Furthermore the employee’s evidence, as now published in the media, appears to directly contradict that given by Baroness Scotland.

“Given this, it seems extraordinary that the Border Agency appears to have carried out such a cursory inquiry, and reached its conclusions so quickly.

“Can I urge you to reopen the inquiry into Baroness Scotland, and also to carry out a full internal investigation into how this enquiry was handled last week. Can I also ask you to clarify what role Ministers had in the inquiry process, either in setting its remit, in briefings or discussions with Borders Agency officials, or in mandating other Departmental officials to make representations to the Borders Agency about the investigation.

“I am sure that you appreciate the importance of clearing things up and resolving this matter once and for all, but also that the process is thorough and treats Baroness Scotland in exactly the same way as any other employer.”

Chris Grayling Shadow Home Secretary

Chris Grayling Shadow Home Secretary

Previously Chris Grayling has issued this statement:

“This unedifying row just underlines why Baroness Scotland’s position is now completely untenable. But it also raises huge question marks over the way the Home Office and the Prime Minister have handled the case. The Home Office rushed through an investigation without listening to all the evidence, and the Prime Minister exonerated Lady Scotland before the housekeeper had even been questioned. This is increasingly looking like an attempted whitewash that has gone badly wrong.”

You are not alone there Chris, Patricia Scotland is not only above her own laws, she is also protected by the highest echlons of Labour power who WILL stop at nothing to ensure she stays in her job.
The speed at which the rules on peers expenses were U turned is nothing short of amazing.
Today for the first time the resolve to keep defending the Baroness showed the first signs of cracking, with Jack Straw’s last ditch defence of “sexism”, the old and worn out Labour ploy of suffixing a word with “ism” or “ist”.

If indeed there has been a cover up or whitewash then should not those complict in the cover up be brought to account along with the Baroness?