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Clegg Planned To Drop Opposition To Fees In Return For Power

Clegg caught with a promise he never thought would catch up with him

The LibDems until May this had not really held any real power, apart from the LibLab Pact since, well no one can really remember when there was such a thing as Liberal Deputy PM.

Aardvark is a not a fan of this coalition thing and even less of a fan of Little Nicky Clegg, he is what my mother would have called an “odious little twerp”.

At the begining of the year the LibDems prospects for power were about the same as Gordon Brown voluntarily calling an election, it was never going happen. From their safe little world over the last ninety years or so the Liberals, SDP, LIbDems as they currently are could make all sorts of rash promises safe in the knowledge that they were never going to have to deliver. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Lied: Windturbine Orders Falling 93% And No Green Jobs

Chris Huhne knowingly lied about Wind Farms And Green Jobs

Everything to do with Climate Change, Climate Disruption, Bio Diversity is one giant lie and deception and the biggest lie that the Coalition Vichy Government is trying to sell us is Wind Power and Green Jobs, all so the Eton Grocer can be the natural successor to Tony Blair.

Part of the price of the act of succession is Chris Huhne the wind god and his belief in the Church of Climatology.

In September Chris Huhne opened a wind farm at Thanet, and almost immediately had a major hardon for Forrest Gump. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate British Diplomats Pray At Church Of Climatology

Giles Paxman (on the right) British Ambassador to Spain

A definite case of the red mist came down when Aardvark picked up a tweet from Giles Paxman, the British Ambassador to Spain regarding wind power and bird choppers.

Giles Paxman is the brother of, Jeremy Paxman BBC’s political heavy weight and king of sarcasm, well al least he was until he met Boris Johnson.

Giles Paxman is really onside for the Warming Alarmist policies of our Vichy Coalition Government, where he is singing from the hymnsheet of Al Gore and The Eton Grocer.

Paxman on the Foreign Office Blog: Read the rest of this entry

A Letter To Chris Huhne Re Wind Turbines

The Dutch hide their bird choppers in industrial landscapes

Dear Mr Huhne

As Environment Secretary you must surely be aware of the study that shows over the last 30 years wind speeds across Western Europe have dropped on average 12.5%, yet in the face of this evidence you are still willing to gamble our energy security and invest in a source of power that is very expensive and requires 100% back up for the increasingly frequent days when there is no wind.

Then Mr Huhne, you propagate lies about all the Green Jobs that will be created when the whole landscape from horizon to horizon is full of rotating blades, recently you cited Thanet as the way forward bringing lots of new jobs in new industries. Thanet will create just 21 jobs at average cost of £3,000,000 per job per year, the 400,000 jobs you quote would require 17 times the total output of Great Britain plc to fund Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Has To Be Stopped

Latest news from Chicken Little and his crusade for Climate Religion, lets take a successful business in a growing world market and sell it, so we can invest in more bird choppers.

Religious dogma before profit.

In a move which is particularly cuntish, even for a cunt of Huhne’s stature, Huhne is trying to sell the Governments share in Urenco, a company that makes enriched uranium fuel for nuclear reactors.

Urenco is one third owned by the Government, the Dutch government owns a third and the final third is owned by two German power companies RWE and E.ON.

Urenco has a quarter of the fast growing global market for enriched Uranium, and Huhne wants to sell at the wrong time so he can exchange massive profits from a long term investment to gamble the Read the rest of this entry

12% Fall In UK Renewable Energy Production

For the second time in 2010 our output of renewable energy fell by 12% due to “lower than expected wind speeds and a reduction in rainfall” according to Chicken Little’s Department of Energy and Climate Religion.

At last people are waking up to the great Green wind con and the reduction in output is causing questions to be asked about the £1 billion subsidy of tax payers money that the renewables scam receives each year. Read the rest of this entry

Windfarms; The Truth Warming Alarmists Hide

The great wind farm lie of Green Jobs; Thanet will create just 21 new jobs

Last week Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne opened the worlds largest off shore wind farm at Thanet, Kent.

A great day for Huhne who while sipping Champagne enthused about the wonders of wind power and all those wonderful Green jobs that would be created. Aside from this blatant lie, Huhne and most of the MSM outlets are keeping quiet about the real financial cost and lack of efficiency of wind power. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Has A Lot In Common With Ed Miliband

Chicken Little has a lot in common with Ed Miliband

Chicken Little showed his true socialist warming alarmist colours today when Chicken addressed a Guardian fringe meeting at the Labtard party conference in Manchester.

Huhne said “he could imagine the Lib Dems working with Labour” at some point in the future Read the rest of this entry

Chicken Little Opens The World’s Largest Wind Farm

Chris Huhne opens the worlds largest bird chopper farm

The worlds largest wind farm became operational yesterday off the coast of Thanet, Kent.

A great day for Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne as the £800 million development started to generate electricity, the champagne corks popped, Huhne grinned like a village idiot and then ruined the whole event by opening his mouth and spinning lies about Green jobs and how developments like these will be good for British jobs.

For every £1 spent in Britain, £4 went abroad to make this wind farm happen Read the rest of this entry

The End Of Warming Alarmism In Britain?

HM Treasury wants to absorb Department of Climate Change

Some really good news for those not taken in by the Climate Change Disruption scam, and still more doom and gloom for the dwindling bunch of warming alarmists.

Chris “Chicken Little” Huhne was only yesterday outlining new plans for Green taxes and further donations to the Church of Climatology, when today comes the news that HM Treasury want to “shit can” the Department of Energy and Climate Change and absorb it’s staff in to HM Treasury.

Huhne is terrified at the prospect that should this happen his staff will , in Huhne’s own words “end up going native”. Read the rest of this entry