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Huhne & DECC Refuse FOI About Costs Of Renewable Energy

Chris Huhne "There is no such increase in the cost to families, but what there are is a load of rather silly think tanks"

The debate about the cost of renewable energy has become major headline news with on one side Chris Huhne and his Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) declaring that Green taxation or Feedin Tariffs wont add anything to the cost of energy bills in 2020, in fact in Huhne’s world people will be better off, and on the other side of the debate many think tanks and economists think that renewables will have added £250 – £400 a year to energy bills.

MP Dominic Raab submitted a Freedom of Information request to DECC about the costs of renewable energy, DECC refused the request saying they did not have the information.

Policy Exchange has published a report estimating the cost of renewables in 2020 on energy bills will be £400: Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Is Toast If He Is Charged

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg -He and David Cameron would have to take a view if Huhne is charged

The Prime Minister has confidence in the Energy Secretary” says a Downing Street spokeswoman, which effectively means that Huhne is toast if he is charged with perverting the course of justice, cast iron Dave now only has confidence in the Minister for Climate Religion and bird choppers, somewhere along the line “every” has become a political casualty.

Huhne has always maintained that he will hang to his cabinet position if charged, Cameron has now made it clear that he will make the decision not Huhne. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne Could Be Charged In Days

The end of Chris Huhne saga is drawing closer as what is widely regarded as the last obstacle to charging Huhne is gone.

Just before Christmas 2011 Essex Police made it clear that they want Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Price charged with perverting the course of justice and lesser speeding charges. Read the rest of this entry

British Geologists Fracking Is Safe

No evidence in peer-reviewed literature of pollution of water by methane as a result of fracking

When the news of Cuadrillas large find of shale gas near Blackpool broke it was greeted a with an uproar of protest from the Green ecomentalists who immediately saw that shale gas being cheap, affordable and economically viable without Green taxation, would spell the end of the wind and solar renewables scam.

Climate Religion minister Chris Huhne immediately started telling the world that fracking was dangerous and that the definitive source of information on fracking was a tissue of Green extremists lies masquerading as a documentary called Gasland.

Hunhe then fearing a backlash from the Green NGOs, whose approval for all his actions he so desperately seeks then stated that shale gas would be halted as it interferred with the sacred CO2 emissions targets of Climate Religion.

Using the usual mixture of fabricated fear stories and emissions targets the Green ecomentalist Luddites must have thought they had killed shale gas dead, but now 2 British Geologists using peer reviewed science have declared fracking safe: Read the rest of this entry

Huhne Uses Anti Terror Legislation Against Wind Farm Protestors

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 is being used against Wind Farm opponents

The Green Marxists are stepping up the pressure to protect their sacred wind farms by abusing the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) 2000 to harass opponents to the Green Marxist Agrarian dream.

RIPA has been widely criticised that the act has been used for petty and vindictive cases, such as checking to see what catchment areas families are in for schooling  and most famously for checking the contents of rubbish bins, a far cry from the original purpose of the act which was to fight terrorism, prevent crime and public disorder offences.

The Greenest Government Ever is using RIPA to harass George Watson Legal Advisor to the European Platform Against Wind Farms: Read the rest of this entry

Happy Christmas Chris Huhne From Essex Police

Police want Chris Huhne and Vicky Price charged over speeding allegation

Essex Police want Chris Huhne and his estranged wife Vicky Price charged with perverting the course of justice and lesser speeding charges.

The whole case has dragged on for months with Attila the Huhnatic proclaiming his innocence to anyone who would listen, or was faintly interested.

In the meantime former wife Vicky Price has kept a constant stream of stories about Chris “Family Values” Huhne in the press, while Huhne has tried to shelter behind his children to protect his political career and position in the Church of Climatology. Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Climate Change Policies Cause Fuel Poverty

Climate Change policies will simultaneously increase bills and depress average household income because of negative effects on our industrial competitiveness

Chris Huhne the Climate Change Minister has repeatedly lied about the costs of Climate Change policies on energy bills claiming that people would be better off in the brave new Green world of bird choppers and unreliable power supplies, when all the time Huhne knew the real costs of his Green Climate Religion, they were after all hidden in the small print of his own Government Departments Report.

The Confederation of British Industry warned of the economic cost of Green Taxes and Feedin tariffs, so did the Manufacturers Association, now the Renewable Energy Foundation has produced a study Energy Policy and Consumer Hardship detailing the impact of Climate Religion Policies on fuel poverty.

In Britain the average wage in the private sector is £25,000 and £29,000 for the Public sector, if you earn less than £25,000 then turning up the heating is probably not an option: Read the rest of this entry

Britain Renewables Lose Out In The Dash For Gas

Chris Huhne will arrive in Durban today desperate to keep the Global Warming scam alive, and equally desperate to give £2.9 billion away to help developing countries fight the non-existent problem of man made Climate Change.

Huhne wants Britain to lead the world in cutting carbon emissions commiting economic suicide, fortunately this is unlikely to happen as Huhne is now on  a crash course for confrontation with Conservative Chancellor George Osborne, the last time Huhne and Osborne clashed, Huhne ended up the loser.

George Osborne is rapidly becoming the focus for Green ire as the Chancellor’s sensible policy ideas will spell the end for Green crony capitalism in Britain. Read the rest of this entry

COP17 From Chris Hune The Gift Of Fuel Poverty And Now Food Poverty

Chris Huhne lied about costs of Green Energy on fuel bills now his Green madness will cause Food price rises and more poverty

Chris Huhne the Minister for Energy and Climate Change Greenpeace, WWF and ecomentalist NGO’s will soon be setting out for COP17 in Durban, on a sailing ship to save carbon flying first class like the Champagne Environmentalist hypocrite that he is, to give away £1 billion that Britain does not have,  for a problem that does not exist.

Huhne is to give away £1 billion to help fight climate change in Africa, one of the major beneficiaries will be COP17 hosts South Africa who will receive over £330 million, a country whose economy grew by 2.8% last year, while Britain’s economy struggled at 1.8%.

There are massive spending cuts and poverty in Britain  but as usual the guilt of the rich Green Liberals means there is always money to give away so they can have stature on the world stage, while at the same time making sure they have the approval of the Green and ecomentalist NGO’s whose approval they so crave. Read the rest of this entry

The Chris Huhne Promise Your Energy Bills Will Rise Every Year To 2020

Households currently pay £89 a year on their bills for the green energy drive, but this will increase every year to reach £280 by 2020, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change

Chris Huhne’s bizarre fantasy claims lies that household energy bills would fall by £94 or 7% by 2020 because of the governments Green policies are not true as government ministers have now admitted.

The true figure is £280 a year worse off as a direct result of the Greening of Britain’s power supply network so the Greenest Government Ever can meet the CO2 emissions targets to stop the planet from warming from the effects of a gas that historically has never caused global warming before.

Chris Huhne, Greens and Environmentalists, heavily subsidised Renewables, the great Global Warming Scam and lies I mean who would have thought it? Read the rest of this entry