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Green Stupidity – Biofuels Cause Hunger

George “Peak Oil” Monbiot “We were wrong on peak oil. There’s enough to fry us all. the facts have changed……disaster for humanity”

The whole Anthropogenic Global Warming scam has been driven by an irrational fear of CO2, any idea that would reduce the deeply feared carbon emissions was adopted as the politically correct way forward to a Green sustainable future economic disaster.

Spin, fear and cherry picked partial truths have characterised the Green machine in operation, wind farms are allegedly a nice clean form of renewable energy, well they are if you ignore the huge lake of pollution around at  wind turbine magnet manufacturing facility in Batou, China. Out of sight, out of mind as the old saying goes.

It is no secret that the Greens hate cars, well for us ordinary folks anyway,  for Greens at UN COP meetings huge fleets of limos have long been the standard mode of transport.

Realizing that parting people from their cars was not going to happen, the Greens went for biofuels as the politically correct fuel for vehicles.

Biofuels are made typically from corn which is  nice, because it is not a fossil fuel,  so the Green thinking goes make fuel from corn, which is sustainable and cut carbon emissions at the same time.

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Electric Cars – George Monbiot Criticises BBC For Top Gear

NIssan Leaf just not selling anywhere

Irony, it’s a crying shame that the warming alarmists, in company with other left of centre ideologies don’t do irony or humour, because then they would see the irony of the BBC actually broadcasting views that are not from the scriptures of the Church of Climatology.

Citizen George Moonbat Monbiot is in a state of shock and horror, the BBC only broadcasts politically correct Warming Alarmism 99.9999% of the time; well George welcome to the real world where we are forced to pay, by law, for the BBC and its constant output of Liberal/Socialist and warming alarmist grey propaganda.

Moonbat is upset because Top Gear were less than fair with their electric car test and anyway George hates cars and petrol heads: Read the rest of this entry