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Frivolous Internet Searches Are Killing Gaia

Claudia Sprinz – “A single internet search for Chuck Norris causes as much CO2 as a car travelling 7.5 cm”, Sprinz then ranted something about funny cats and cheeseburgers

The joyless puritanical OCD driven existence of the warming alarmist CO2 paranoaic knows no bounds, just about all human activity is evil, every day things like internet searches and having pets are just plain wrong.

According to Green Guru David Suzuki, us carbon based bipedal lifeforms are just maggots defecating all over his environment, while in New Zealand warming alarmists think we should eat our cats and dogs and not keep them as pets, because pets emit CO2.

The latest diatribe, this time on silly internet searches, and their CO2 emissions comes from Austrian Greenpeace Uberharpie Claudia Sprinz: Read the rest of this entry