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Warming Alarmists Had Their Chance And They Blew It

The pinnacle of warming alarmist stupidty Joss Garmans plummeting polar bears

The Warming Alarmists had it all, Universities and Professors making up the data to support the man made Climate Change scam, the IPCC run by a railway engineer and producing reports that were no more than precis of WWF propaganda mailshots, the UN working hard to set itself up as a one world government and the conspiracy of left wing leaders like Barack “Settled Science” Obama, Gordon “50 Days to Save The World Brown, Hugo “Give Me All Your Money” Chavez and all the rest, either standing with hands out for our money or about to give our wealth away.

The vast majority of MSM outlets towed the party line and spouted the AGW lie, in Britain the BBC we are forced to pay for by the television tax prayed daily at the Church of Climatology, more due to the fact that some fool invested significant portions of the BBC pension fund in Green Industries, the old saying about fools and money soon being parted springs to mind. So to protect their pension fund the BBC spread verbatim the AGW lies of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, impartiality at the BBC went out of the window, trampled flat by personal gain.

No pressure group in history has ever had the advantages that the warming alarmists had So where did it all go wrong?

George Monbiot thinks he knows Read the rest of this entry

The Price Of Standing Up To Warming Alarmists

Matt Thompson dared to speak out against warming alarmists and now they are taking his farm

This is a particularly nasty story about warming alarmist facism by the Government of Western Australia and the retribution they let rip on a family resulting in the Thompsons receiving an eviction notice with just 4 days warning.

Matt and Janet Thompson came from America, invested millions of their own money trying to start a farm with 15,000 head of cattle, and was going well until Matt questioned the climate change lunacy and policies of Western Australia. In a move worthy of North Korea the government machine closed ranks and set about destroying the Thompsons. Read the rest of this entry

Texas Sues The US Environmental Protection Agency

The US Environmental Protection Agency has been used as back door method of forcing Climate Change laws through in the US by effectively declaring CO2 to be a health hazard.

Totally short circuiting the democratic process Obeyme and his co-conspirators are trying to get any form of climate legislation in to law by any means. Read the rest of this entry

Ed Miliband Still Peddling Climate Change Snake Oil

Ed doing Gordon Browns bidding and trying to sell snake oil at COP15

Labour leadership contender Ed Miliband is still trying to get the wealth redistribution scheme Climate Change scam restarted after the COP 15 Copenhagen fiasco.

Just weeks before the General Election Ed Miliband was trying to get the whole AGW circus going again and tie which ever party won to the Church of Climatology for ever.

Gordon Brown might thankfully be gone, but his understudy is even more zealous than Brown and might just become the new Labour Party leader, fingers crossed. Read the rest of this entry

More Bad News For Warming Alarmists And More Stupidity From Chris Huhne

Inside Chris Huhnes brain. H/T James Delingpole

Three stories about the warming alarmists from around the world, starting in Britain with The Wind God, Chris Huhne who is bleating on about Green jobs being the answer to Government cuts, because of all the jobs that will be created.

The Spanish were more gullible than most and went straight in to the Green jobs economy, and found to their cost that every Green job created, cost 2 jobs in conventional industries. The evidence is there, almost on our doorstep, yet Chris Huhne ignores the obvious as he follows his belief in wealth redistribution. Read the rest of this entry

COP16 Cancun Attendance Down 82% Since COP15 Copenhagen

Could this be the final gasp of the warming alarmists and wealth redistributors?

November 2009 and despite being overrun by wind trubines, for a week in November/December private jets and limos out numbered the bird choppers as Denmark hosted the COP15 Climate Scam.

Shortages of private limos meant that additonal cars had to be sourced from Germany and Sweden, and trying to park the Lear jet was hell, as every airport within 100 miles of Copenhagen was swamped by the private jets of the Green eco-warriors.

The world was treated to the scare tactics of Gordon Brown, the setteled science of Barack Obama and the plummeting Polar Bears of that fuckwit Joss Garman, delegates at COP15 were even offered free hookers, Read the rest of this entry

47 Out Of 48 Republican Candidates Dont Believe In Man Made Climate Change

The warming denier has been replaced by the Climate Zombie

There is a great story in the Guardian Environment section entitled Republican hopefuls deny global warming, and naturally the Guardian is outraged in a sort of sandal wearing George Monbiot way.

What makes the story even better is the source is from the eco-mentalists at the Climateprogress blog where belief in the Church of Climatology flows through their veins faster than shit through a goose. Read the rest of this entry

Is The EU Leaving The Church Of Climatology

Connie Hedegaard is losing her faith in Al Gores climate religion

Another high level liar and con-artist in the great wealth redistribution scam is having doubts about the whole man made doom scenario, this time it is non other than European Commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard.

This time last year Hedegaard was enthusiastically pumping out AGW propaganda and being photographed with the other major players in the biggest scientific con in history, now it’s a much more downbeat message about everyone joining in or the EU wont go it alone.

A massive change of mission message from last year’s the EU will set the toughest emissions levels and lead by example Read the rest of this entry

The Promotion Of Eco Terrorism Part 3 –

The warming alarmists and Green eco-mentalists are definitely raising the stakes, in line with Greenpeace and Earth First! efforts to incite people to violence, have gone one better. Hat tip Steve Milloy

The collapse of the cap and trade scam in the US has really got the eco warriors a thinking and asking for ideas from their drones followers Read the rest of this entry

The Promotion Of Eco Terrorism Part 2 – Earth First!

industrial civilization and its philosophy are anti-Earth, anti-woman and anti-liberty

The warming alarmists and green eco-mentalists are trying to distance themselves from the actions of James Lee at the Discovery television Studios last week.

Lee’s actions were prompted by the lies of Barack “Settled Science” Obama and comedy film from Al Gore and “An Inconvenient sex poodle Truth“.

On the face of it James Lee was a fucking retard mentally challenged or not that balanced to have behaved in a way that cost him his life.

The problem is that neither Obama nor Al Gores lies about Climate Change could actually be construed as a call to arms, unlike the offering from Earth First! Read the rest of this entry