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Novelists To Write Fiction About Anthropogenic Global Warming

Novelists to write fiction about man made Climate Change, there would seem to be little need as scientists are already doing just that

As if enough fiction has not already been published by the Church of Climatology on man made Climate Change,  now there is to be a concerted drive to spread climate fear stories by fiction.

A new collection of climate change fictional stories is to be published entitled “I’m With The Bears”, probably not the best title given the current prominence of Polarbeargate in the news, published by Verson the royalties will all go to

350 ppm of CO2 is the basic minimum according to that will save the planet from catastrophic climate change, currently CO2 is 391.8 ppm and the temperature of the planet is back to 1979 levels, so are barking up the wrong tree and banging the wrong gong: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Durban – Already Predicted To Fail By The UN

The warming alarmists will all be flying to Durban for another Climate Scam fail

In just over 3 months the Church of Climatology is holding it’s next synod in Durban, South Africa, which like the two previous synods in Cancun and Copenhagen will achieve nothing except for lots of hypocritcal champagne warming alarmists flying around the planet in first class, naturally.

The UN predicts that no deal will come out of Durban, Aardvark predicts a new Climate of Fear campaign starting in September and gathering momentum as November draws closer.

Prepare for spontaneously combusting Penguins, sea level rises of several kilometres, new scientific studies predicting Armageddon in one form or another, these studies will have been produced by NGOs like Greenpeace, FoE and the WWF and then neatly packaged by the IPCC as science. Read the rest of this entry

Australian Greens Vow To Punish Climate Change Sceptics

Australian Greens want to send Climate Realists to the gulag in Arnhemland if they blaspheme against Climate Religion or Leader Gillard

A leading politician in a country on the other side of the world wants to censor and punish the press if they speak out, or criticise Government policy.

The country concerned is Australia, a democratic country that has twice joined with the rest of the world to fight the tyranny of a German empire and Adolf Hitler.

Now, as the Climate Change scam collapses there are increasing calls from around the world to suppress the voice of scepticism on Anthropogenic Global Warming.

There has been no warming since 1998, as the warming alarmists predictions fail time and time again to materialise a continued diet of cry wolf fear stories now largely falls on the deaf ears of the public.

All the warming alarmists can do now is suppress and punish those that seek to  discuss  their scam: Read the rest of this entry

DDT & The Arctic – More Warming Alarmist Hysteria From The Guardian

Polar Bear picture must be Arctic Climate of Fear....again

The last week has seen the resurgence of the Climate of Fear from the Church of Climatology, fear of everything from war caused by Anthropogenic Global Warming, fear that Climate Realists are as big a threat as Hitler was, and now in this latest piece of pure distortion from the Guardian, fear that the supposedly melting polar ice is now definitely releasing banned chemicals like DDT back into the environment.

This post compares 2 different pro AGW sources on the story, when comparing the 2 it is difficult to believe that the Guardian is covering the same story: Read the rest of this entry

Al Gore Annouces New Climate Of Fear Campaign

Al Gore is back, with a new campaign that Gore hopes will reignite Global Warming Climate Disruption hysteria from the ironically renamed The Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection), nothing like a good renaming to try and resell the same tired old lies. Read the rest of this entry

Ten Years On, Er What Happend To The Global Warming?

NASA satellite instruments precisely measuring global temperatures show absolutely no warming during the past the past 10 years

The doomsday scenario predicted by the warming alarmists is upon us, global greenhouse gas emissions have risen faster than Climate Comedy Central, sometimes know as the IPCC have predicted; this shocking increase in emissions should have everyone cowering in fear and converting to the Church of Climatology.

One small problem here people, what ever happened to the rise in global temperatures that this increase in CO2 is supposed to cause?

During the last 10 years the temperature of our world has not increased: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change LOL Story Of The Week

That pesky mutant space goat is back to eat the planet

Some completely ludicrous tales of environmental Armageddon have been made up to push the Climate of Fear agenda, that is the only tool of the warming alarmists; this piece in the Vernon Morning Star has to be the biggest LOL story of them all.

Not even the faintest pretence at cherry picked junk science, instead straight for the jugular with the author predicting the end of civilisation in 89 years time unless we all behave like good little mindless sheep and buy in to the Church of Climatology.

Apparently should the vast shale oil deposits in continental North America be extracted and used then the Venusian effect with hit planet Earth,  scary shit! Read the rest of this entry

The Guardian Prints Warming Alarmist Crap – Again

London's future according to The Guardian and that 2007 IPCC Report

Can you begin a blog post with Unfucking believable? Guess Aardvark just did but Unfucking believable are really the only words that can be used to describe this pile of steaming warming alarmist crap from the Grauniad. In 2007/2008 when Climate Religion’s bubble had not been blown back to the Stone age by Climategate, maybe, but in 2011 it quotes as gospel from a report by the IPCC, an organisation so useless and discredited, that even its UN masters are embarrassed by it.

The well worn fear spectre of rising sea levels is being recycled again Read the rest of this entry

AGW Junk Science So Bad Even The Guardian Questions It

Fear from the Universal Ecological Fund's junk science

Junk science has long been the staple food feeding the AGW scam, from Climategate through to the fear fantasy that was the 2007 IPCC report, the science was found wanting.

Now the Universal Ecological Fund have produced an AGW Fear text that is so ludicrous even the Guardian can see it for what it is, junk science.

Argentine based Universal Ecological Fund are predicting that by 2020 global temperatures will have risen 2.2C, that’s around 7 times the predicted warming rate that Nasa’s junk science has come up with Read the rest of this entry

Climate Religion Now Permeates The Brits 2011

Stop ! Climate Change awesome grammar; turns the Brits 2011 in a platform for AGW propaganda

The Brits 2011, not normally high on Aardvarks list of must see Television, this year even less so.

News that James Corden was to host the show was hardly going to make it more vieweable, “unfunny, uncharismatic, mingy has-been” are some of the many negative comments on Twitter, still it could be worse deeply unfunny self satisfied smug intellectual warming alarmist fuckwit Marcus Brigstock could be there instead. Lets face it, Brigstock is about as funny as a badly packed parachute.

Then the news broke that deranged old bat who aint wrapped too tight quirky has designed this years statuette and there was a message on the bottom of the statuette: Read the rest of this entry