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Warming Alarmism Must Become A Religion To Save The World

The only solution to Climate Change is to adopt the sense of conformation and moral obligation offered by religious thought and ritual

To save the world from Climate Change, warming alarmism must become akin to a religion.

The warming alarmists with their hate filled diatribes against people who do not believe that science is ever settled, or that science is based on a consensus rather than facts, have split the debate on Anthropogenic Global Warming into Good (warming alarmist) and Evil (climate sceptics) which is effectively the argument that religion has always been based on.

In addition to being evil climate sceptics are also often called “stupid” and “irrational”, however in a new study by Yale Professor of Law and Psychology, Daniel M Kahan finds AGW sceptics are amongst the most the most scientifically literate members of the general population. Read the rest of this entry

Occupy London, The Big Bang And Death By CO2

A new cause celebre for armchair Liberals and Marxists

Occupy London is cleaning up the big bang’s mess trumpets The Guardian in what has to be one of the weakest ever stories to try and tie in Global Warming and the CO2 Wolf, with the marxist sheep currently squatting in St Paul’s.

Al Gore recently aligned himself with the Occupy Wall Street mob, as their anti-capitalist agenda meshes nicely with Al Gore’s brand of Green Marxism, and lets face it, Al is a bit short of friends and credibility these days, even in the Church of Climatology which he helped found.

So it is only natural the lower order acolytes of Climate Religion will attempt to emulate their pontiff and spread the gospel: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Religion – In The Begining There Was Agenda 21

We should consider new taxes, user chargers, emission permits, citizen funding all based on the polluter-pays principle. so said 1992 Rio Earth Summit, Conference Secretary-General Maurice Strong at the closing of the summit.

Agenda 21 is the United Nations plan for the 21st Century where among its 40 chapters nature is deemed to be above mankind, the concept of guilty until proven innocent will prevail, and the establishment of a one world government with a socialist agenda for every aspect of our lives by the use of the standard socialist control mechanisms.

Agenda 21 eventually grew in to the Climate Religion of Al Gore and the settled science of Barack Obama, nearly 20 years on the closing statement makes interesting reading: Read the rest of this entry

Britain “The Era Of Constant Electricity At Home Is Ending”, National Grid Chief

Domestic power cuts to be a feature of every day life

There is something very,very wrong with this Coalition Government and it’s energy policies, the evidence continues to mount from around the world that wind power, quite simply does not work for a wide range of reasons: too much wind, too little, the turbines are frozen.

Again and again blogs and MSM outlets have pointed out that Chris Huhne will cause Black Out Britain and still blinded by the light of Climate Religion Dave and the Huhnatic are hell bent on Blackout Britain, and it’s not just Climate Realists who say this: Read the rest of this entry

Princes Charles – “Climate Realists Should Be Held Accountable”

Elephant eared hypocrite wants Climate Realists to be held accountable

Our very own Royal eco hypocrite has been addressing preaching Climate Religion to the EU Parliament in Brussels, and following the usual texts of the warming alarmists.

According to HRH, the threat is real because 100’s of scientists say so; trouble is none of the “scientists” are actually climatologists or meteorologists, clever people they may be, but Climate science is not their major subject. The head of the IPCC Rajendra Pachauri is a railway engineer, and another IPCC scientist is a wanted terrorist.

What is more disturbing about HRH’s speech is the line that Climate Realists should be held accountable for daring to commit heresy, this is not the first time warming alarmists have said this: Read the rest of this entry

China Pays The Environmental Cost Of Chris Huhne’s Wind Turbines

The lake of toxic waste at Batou from magnet production for Huhne's wind turbines

Obfuscated behind every new fad for the warming alarmists are uncomfortable hidden truths, normally to do with cost, jobs and the environmental impact of their so called Green schemes.

A case in point is the Toyota Prius, flagship eco badge of Green credentials for the likes of Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and other assorted liberal ecomentalists, but behind the Green eco facade, production of battteries for the Prius has proved to be an environmental holocaust for Canada.

Almost daily Atilla the Huhnatic preaches to us from the Church of Climatology about wind turbines, the green jobs lie that accompanies every pronouncement, all the while Huhne plays fast and loose with the energy security of this country.

The latest lie about the clean Green revolution to surface, is the fact that’s clean, green it maybe, but then so is mould, clean its most definitely not, but then that does not matter, does it Huhne?
Because the environmental damage is half a world away, safe behind the wall of silience that only a Communist regime can maintain, thus it does not exist. Read the rest of this entry

Obama’s Climate Priestess To Leave The Whitehouse

Carol Browner, Obama's Climate Adviser is set to leave the Whitehouse

Obama’s Climate Change Tsar Carol Browner is to step down and is unlikely to be replaced, which is a major setback and policy shift from Obama’s original green agenda.

The results of the Mid Term elections which saw the American voters give their verdict on Obama has worried environmentalists, who foresee that the Green agenda will get horse traded with Republicans, in return for cooperation on passing other legislation.

Obama has said that since the Republican victory, he will not go ahead with his Climate Legislation Read the rest of this entry

MP’s Recommend Petrol Rationing To Help With Climate Change

All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil thinks petrol rationing will benefit us all

This has to be quite simply the most stupid idea yet from the Warming Alarmists, lets ration petrol because it will benefit us all.

Not quite sure how that works outside of the ivory tower based academic mindset in the real world, but it will save us from the giant mutant star goat that the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil believe is threatening the planet.

The deeper you dig in to the report, the quicker you realise is what they are attempting is to introduce Cap n Trade for the individual.

There would a free weekly allowance of Tradeable Energy Quotas, beyond this level people can buy and sell TEQ’s Read the rest of this entry

Warming Alarmist Scientific American Asked The Question, But Did Not Like The Answer

A leading pusher of the Climate Change Scam

If you are not sure that you will like answer then don’t ask the question, warming alarmist magazine Scientific American should have taken heed of this sound advice before running this survey about Anthropogenic Global Warming.

After years of banging Al Gores gong and spreading fear and alarm about man made Climate Change the results of the survey were not what the Climate Religon believers were expecting Read the rest of this entry