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Chris Huhne The Final Nail In A Lousy Coalition Government

Dave and The Wind God; who will be the first eco lemming over the cliff?

Once upon a time there was a Conservative Party, a real proper Conservative Party led by real Conservatives then after years in the political wilderness, Dave was elected as leader of the Conservatives, a Conservative Party leader who declared himself to be the natural successor to Tony Blair.

That should have been a warning to all of us.

Then with advent of the Coalition Government the Blairs heir surrounds himself with Lib Dems, who then have a disproportionate influence, given their numbers on the policies of Coalition the Vichy Government.

The very worst example of a person complelety unfit for government is The Wind God Chris Huhne. Read the rest of this entry

Chris Huhne 5.5 Million British Households Face Energy Poverty

Chris Huhne backing the most expensive energy there is while 5,500,000 homes face energy poverty

The real cost of Chicken Littles insane energy policies based solely upon Climate Religion are likely to be felt and felt very soon.

In a report U have found that 5.5 million homes in Britain are struggling to pay their energy bills as another freezing winter looms for the fifth year in a row.

Jenny Saunders, Chief Executive of the NEA, called the situation “unacceptable”. Read the rest of this entry