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Climate Week 2011

Together we can beat an non existent threat

Its time to have a global effort and dedicate a week to fighting Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Disruption Fairy Tales about the giant mutant star goat made of CO2 that is threatening planet earth.

SomeĀ  people just wont get the message that there is no such thing as Anthropogenic Global Warming, and the tales of fear, were just that tales.

This global effort has the backing of such luminaries as David Cameron the Social Democrat self appointed heir to Tony Blair and unbelievably leader of the Conservative Party, Nick Clegg multi-faced snake oil salesman and all round odious troll, and saving the very best to last Al Gore.

Climate Week 2011 looks likely to please no one, certainly not the rear guard still trying to push the warming alarmist agenda: Read the rest of this entry