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Climategate 2.0 Destroys Public Confidence In The Green Agenda

A combination of the financial crisis and the latest batch of Climategate emails have destroyed public belief in man made climate change according to a survey by the National Centre for Social Research.

Across the whole social spectrum belief and willingness to pay for the cost of Climate Religion have dropped sharply. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate 2.0 Phil Jones Uses Same Computer Model For Weather And Climate

Phil Jones uses same computer model for weather and climate

Climategate 2.0 is proving to be more damaging than Climategate despite the usual suspects playing down the importance of Climategate 2.0 and trying the usual “nothing to see here” and saying the real crime is the hacking of UEA’s mail servers, which in no way detracts from the content and importance of the emails.

Despite what the warming alarmists would have us believe, when it suits their argument, weather and climate are not the same things, so it is hardly surprising to find out that junk scientist Phil Jones uses the same computer model for both as email 1840 clearly shows: Read the rest of this entry