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The Insanity of Carbon Capture And Utilisation

Captured CO2 should be pumped back into the atmosphere as CO2 helps plants grow

Once again the eco-mentalists have excelled themselves with yet another statement of crass stupidity, that is completely at odds with their self appointed mission to remove as much CO2 as possible from our atmosphere.

Once the harmless trace gas, CO2 has been removed and stored under ground at great expense, the CO2 should then be released back into the atmosphere because CO2 helps plants and algae grow.

The benefits of CO2 for plant growth have long been known outside the Church of Climatology: Read the rest of this entry

Carbon Nazis Now Want To Control Our Diet

Cattle have four times the emissions of chickens, yes really

It would appear that cattle have four times the emissions of chickens, firstly like the carbon footprint of a joint Aardvark never thought in a million years that he would write that, now the comparison between the emissions of farm animals.

The whole global warming scam just becomes more surreal and bizarre as everyday a new NGO of the self appointed moral guardians of what we should or should not do, pontificate at length spout endless bullshit about a new aspect of our lives they seek to control.

The latest to jump on the global warming bandwagon just as the wheels have come off are the US Environmental Working Group who compare carbon emissions of food with car emissions, Aardvark did say this was becoming surreal: Read the rest of this entry

Greenhouse Gas Theory Trashed In Ground Breaking Experiment

Professor Robert W Wood disproved the Greenhouse Gas Theory in 1909

Over a 100 years ago a professor at John Hopkins University conducted a series of experiments that disproved the Greenhouse Gas and Global Warming theories.

Others followed Robert W. Wood and came to the same conclusions.

In more recent times the warming alarmists have rerun Woods experiment and claimed that Wood was wrong, this should be taken with a massive dose of reality check as the scientist concerned is a mathematician specialising in computers, he is not a Climate Scientist or Meteorologist, but as usual this has been airbrushed over.

Now Wood’s experiment has been rerun by a climate researcher and his findings support Wood’s experiment from 1909: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Models Fail To Predict Past Catastrophes

Current computer models cannot predict Climate events of the past with known data

The Climate Models at the heart of warming alarmist religion are not nearly as accurate as the Church of Climatology would have us all believe.

If these computer models cant get the past correct, with known data then what value are their future predictions where there are huge unknowns? Read the rest of this entry

Greenpeace The Slide From Science To Religious Dogma

Experimental GM wheat crop destroyed by Aussie Greenpeace Luddites

Once upon a time in the dim and distant past before Greenpeace abandoned science for religious dogma, the organisation performed a useful function in bringing to public attention abuses of the environment which, like using the sea as a dumping ground for hazardous waste and putting a stop to CFC’s in aerosol cans which really did cause a hole in the ozone layer. Coupled with their knack for publicity Greenpeace did contribute to the overall environmental well being of the planet.

Then somewhere along the way as the Great Global Warming Scam gathered pace Greenpeace abandoned science and adopted religious dogma, never has this been more clearly demonstrated than today when in Canberra, Australia a mob of Greenpeace Luddites destroyed an experimental wheat crop for no better reason than the letters GM were in the name Read the rest of this entry

Climategate Fallout Hits University Of East Anglia

Phil Jones and UEA ordered to hand over their temperature records

Phil Jones and the University of East Anglia have been ordered by the information commissioner to handover 4000 temperature records collected jointly with the UK Met Office, previously Jones and UEA had been more than obstructive with Freedom of Information requests.

UEA held a whitewash inquiry with a pre-determined outcome, though the inquiry did tell Jones he was a naughty boy for not answering those FoI’s.

The ruling by information commissioner, Christopher Graham is a landmark in the fight to get at truth behind the great Climate Change scam and best of all, this ruling puts Phil Jones back in the frame.

In the US, UEA’s co-conspirator the University of Virgina has been ordered to hand over Michael Mann’s climate change data under an FoI.

Curious the way both universities have strenuously resisted all FoI requests, a cynic would think they had something to hide: Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron Must Speak Out On Climate Change, Says Top Scientist

David Cameron bothering a dog in the hope of warming alarmist votes

The increasingly desperate warming alarmists are making more and more calls for David Cameron and his “greenest government ever” to “step up to the plate” and provide leadership for their Green economic suicide plan.

The lastest “Top Scientist”, the Guardian’s words not Aardvark’s, to bray for Dave to stand up is Professor Sir David King, religious climate advisor to the disastrous Labour government from 2000 – 2007.

in 2004 King was the man behind the comical theory that Global Warming was a bigger threat to world security than Global Terrorism: Read the rest of this entry

EU Postpones Climate Change Target Vote

Polar bears are going to have to wait until July to be saved

The EU has effectively done a Gordon Brown and “bottled it”, they have decided to postpone the vote on economic suicide cutting carbon emissions until July.

The actual vote for the postponement was conveniently not recorded so no one has any idea who actually voted for the motion. Read the rest of this entry

Scrap The Climate Change Act 2008 via Red Tape Challenge

You tell us what’s working and what’s NOT, what can be simplified and what can be scrapped

The Government is offering people the chance to remove unnecessary regulation and red tape from all aspects of Britons lives.

The most important date is September 1st 2011 which is when Red Tape Challenge moves on to the Environment, this is our chance to kill the disastrous Climate Change Act 2008 and all the other Climate Religion based laws introduced under Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

Over at the Guardian the eco warriors are very unhappy and questioning if the Tory party  has a soul: Read the rest of this entry

Armageddon In The Oceans – Just Another Green Propaganda Lie

Oceanic Armageddon according to 27 eco-warriors who spent 3 days telling each other scary fear stories and then published a report of their fears as scientific fact.

The Oceans and mankind are doomed if you believe the combined Green grey literature put out in synchronisation by Fiona Harvey at the Guardian, Richard Black at the BBC and Michael McCarthy at the Independent.

A less than transparent Green NGO called International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) has produced a report predicting a mass extinction of species comparable to the 5 that occurred in what IPSO call “pre-history”.

As usual the panel of experts found firm evidence that Global Warming was the cause of this: Read the rest of this entry