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Attila The Huhnatic Gets Slapped By George Osborne

George Osborne to Chris Huhne - "This is the Cabinet, not some sub-Jeremy Paxman interview."

Friday May 6th is going to be an interesting day for Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, double-barreled defeat staring them in the face as their vote in Local Council elections evaporates and the Yes vote for AV in the referendum on changing our voting system, crashes and burns.

Chris Hunhe has actually taken time off from screwing the energy security of this country to position himself in another bid to lead what will most likely be the smoking remains of the Lib Dem party, in some sort of post May 5th putsch to oust Nick Clegg. Read the rest of this entry

Guest Post @angelneptustar “Nick Clegg Cannot Be Believed”

Todays Guest Blogger is @angelneptustar

Nick Clegg insisted on ITN News that the Liberals would not merge with the Tories and he said the coalition is a temporary arrangement.

Pull the other one, Nick, we can never believe a word you say again.

You are now so unpopular that metaphorically, the hum of your life support machine would be music to the ears of the nation.

Nick Clegg said:

The Liberal Democrats will fight the next election as we did the last – as an independent political party in every constituency in the country,”  Insisting the Coalition deal was a temporary arrangement, he added: “This is the right government for right now.”

Read the rest of this entry

Did The Coaltion Surpress The Met Office Forecast For A Bad Winter In The Run Up To COP16

The Met Office forecast to the Cabinet Office was directly opposite to the one issued to the public

There are many things wrong with this Coaltion Vichy Government, head and shoulders above it all is the disproportionate influence the LibDems have on policy, given their numbers in Cabinet.

Worse than even Little Nicky Clegg, is Chris Huhnatic, who with Dave is hellbent on keeping the great AGW scam alive in Britain, no matter what the cost is to industry, families and the elderly.

Energy poverty means nothing to Dave Huhnatic, all the matters is blind adherance to Climate Religion.

Last winter was a disaster thanks to the Met Office, this year they issued 2 forecasts, one of the Cabinet Office predicting a severe start to the winter, the other for mugs like us was the usual load of warming alarmist lies about a mild winter. Read the rest of this entry

Nick Clegg And The Lib Dems – The Fall Guys

Nick Clegg The Fall Guy

The news is bad for many faced Little Nicky Clegg, it seems that Dave has been using his Deputy PM as the fall guy for the Tuition Fees debacle.

An IPSOS Mori for Reuters makes very grim reading for Clegg and the Lib Dems, while the Tories and Labour are hardly affected. Read the rest of this entry

Tories Warn Dave – “Listen To Us Or We Mutiny”

Cameron warned by Tory MPs listen to us or....

So there is still a real Conservative Party with real Conservative MPs, and like many Conservatives, they have had enough of this Vichy Government whose sole function in life it seems is to pander to the whims of Little Nicky Clegg and his pack of cranky Libtard MPs.

Europe, Climate Change and many other core Conservative policies are on hold, or are being corrupted to pander to the LibDems.

Little Nicky is a best a Kipper, two faced and no guts, the bumbling idiot and fallen financial saint Cable and the gong banging moron Chris Huhne who when not barking at the moon is conspiring with the EU and UN to ruin energy security in Britain for a generation, three idiots who should never have been in government.

If there were ever three MPs not fit for purpose it is these three Read the rest of this entry

University Tuition Fees – The Facts

MP’s have now voted and by a majority of 21 the proposed tuition fees have been passed into law.

The whole business of tuition fees has been whipped by interested parties into another poll tax style campaign.

What are the real facts behind these tuition fees, for example the fees are paid by graduates and not students Read the rest of this entry

79% Of Tories Dont Want The Coalition To Continue Past Election

Dave and Little Nicky start a Vichy Government

Sir John Major said the Vichy Government should continue after the next election, Sir John is wrong, not just in Aardvark’s opinion but also in the opinion of 79% of those polled, just 16% want to continue down the Vichy government route.

The Lib Dems have a disproportiante influence on the government given their numbers; daily we are faced with the objectional little weasle Clegg, who has more faces than a 24 sided dice, the bumbling idiot and fallen saint Vince Cable who has correctly predicted 255 of the last 2 recessions and then there is Chris Huhne. Read the rest of this entry

MPs Want Ring Fenced Cash Freed

Why should 0.7% of GDP go abroad

We have children in poverty, there is another harsh winter on the way, more of our old will die needlessly because they are too scared to turn the thermostat up for fear of the fuel bills they cannot pay.

On the streets people who have fought for their country will die of hypothermia in shop doorways and on building sites, with all this suffering why would any sane government or nation turn its back on it’s own to pander to the one world socialist government United Nations.

We need to take care of our own first, and now at last an influential group of MP’s agree Read the rest of this entry

Clegg Speaks, The Polls Crash

Little Nicky makes his big speech and the net result according to a daily You Gov Poll is the Lib Dems on 11%.

The poll also shows the Conservatives on 42% and Labour on 38% which does raise the question how can 38% of the electorate support Labour after the last 13 years, but then 20 billion flies eat shit can they be wrong? Read the rest of this entry

Lib Dem Support Plummets To 8%; Go On Dave Call A General Election

Little Nicky Clegg as popular as fart in a spacesuit, and about as useful

August 18th 2010 will mark the 100th day of the coalition government and to celebrate this wonderous event Sky News have commissioned a poll which makes grim reading for Little Nicky, St Vince of Fable and the Wind God Chris Huhne.

If there were to be a General Election tomorrow then St Vince and the Wind God would be signing on the day afterwards.

A poll on June 28th had the Lib Dems on 16%, in less than 2 months the Lib Dem support has fallen 50% Read the rest of this entry