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Church Of Climatology: Chris Huhne And The Wind God

Roger Helmer Conservative MEP and a REAL Conservative PM

How many people who campaigned actively for a Conservative victory in May expected to have one of Dave’s Religious Lib Dem sock puppets as Energy Sectretary?

The answer is probably zero, as in the words of the Monty Python election special “Not a sausage, bugger all

While the outcome was not expected, the reality is all too true, Chris Huhne is a fully paid up member of the Church of Climatology and every bit as dangerous to this country with his dogmatic and stupid energy plans, as was the outgoing Climate Change twat little Eddy Miliband. Read the rest of this entry

Dave And The Coalition Worship At The Church Of Climatology

Warming Alarmist Consevrative MP Tim Yeo

The gloves are now off as far as this Coalition Government are concerned, the Conservative party has become every bit as infected with Climate Religion as the Lib Dems and the unspeakable bunch that just lost the General Election.

Personal Carbon Trading is the single most fucking stupid idea since the mother of them all, Cap and Trade. Read the rest of this entry

This Coalition Government Is Boring

This whole Coalition Government thing is boring, if faintly amusing for the cynic more on than later, but the big question is where are they?

Under the Prime Mentalist Gordon Brown we grew used to the absence of visible leaders or leadership, as the cursed one-eyed son of the Manse hunkered down in his bunker to weather the storms he had himself created, appearing only briefly in belated attempts to undo the he damage he managed only to do only more self harm. Described by Tony Blair as mad,bad and dangerous Gordon Brown Read the rest of this entry

Are The Lib Dems Paying The Hidden Price Of Coalition Government

A sort of strange calm has settled over the political world since the General Election, most governments have a honeymoon period when they first get power, but it is very quiet and peaceful compared to the last 3 years.

This time last year there was non stop news stories with the death throes of the Labour Government, the start of the exposure of the great Global Warming swindle and more doom and gloom as the curse of Jonah Brown caused misery and destruction where ever the Prime Mentalist went. Read the rest of this entry

Conservative Lead 7% In Latest Opinion Poll

An opinion poll in the Guardian today has the Conservatives on 39% (+2), Labour 32% (+2), Lib Dems 21% (-3), this is the first poll since the General Election.

With all the hype of coalition government, it seems a bit early in the game to be thinking of separate parties and their approval ratings, what happend to the unity of the Conservative and Lib Dem parties?

Overall 59% of voters back the new government Read the rest of this entry

Conservative Lib Dem Coalition Latest Details

Wednesday am: More details of the coalition deal are emerging:

* Five Lib Dems (not six) will get Cabinet jobs, including Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister;
* The bill to have a referendum on AV will be subject to a three line whip, although Conservatives will be free to campaign against AV in the ensuing referendum;
* There will be five-year fixed term parliaments, starting with this one, meaning the next election is scheduled for May 2015;
* Elsewhere on political reform, the second chamber will be wholly or mainly elected and there will be a commission to review party funding; Read the rest of this entry