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Former Maldives President “I Was Ousted By Climate Change Deniers”

Mohamed Nasheed staged this con trick for COP15 to show the Maldives were sinking because of AGW, all the while he was planning a new airport to be in service long after the islands were due to slide beneath the waves.

On February 7th 2012 Mohammed Nasheed resigned as President of the Maldives and immediately blamed climate change sceptics for being the dark forces behind his demise.

Nasheed was the poster boy of the warming alarmist movement, a shrewd politician who saw that rich western Liberals wanted to give money away to fight the fantasy of man made climate change, so Nasheed played them to the hilt by claiming the Maldives were sinking due to rising sea levels, even though globally sea levels have been receding for  the last 10 years as the latest Envisat data shows.

The warming alarmists and mesmerised politicians took Nasheed to their hearts, British PM David Cameron described Nasheed as “my new best friend“, since the coup there has been an attempt to raise Nasheed to being a minor deity. There is a forthcoming film about him “The Island President” and every left wing MSM outlet is busy eulogizing him and giving Nasheed a platform to blame climate change sceptics for his fall from grace. Read the rest of this entry