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79% Of Tories Dont Want The Coalition To Continue Past Election

Dave and Little Nicky start a Vichy Government

Sir John Major said the Vichy Government should continue after the next election, Sir John is wrong, not just in Aardvark’s opinion but also in the opinion of 79% of those polled, just 16% want to continue down the Vichy government route.

The Lib Dems have a disproportiante influence on the government given their numbers; daily we are faced with the objectional little weasle Clegg, who has more faces than a 24 sided dice, the bumbling idiot and fallen saint Vince Cable who has correctly predicted 255 of the last 2 recessions and then there is Chris Huhne. Read the rest of this entry


Conservative Lib Dem Coalition Latest Details

Wednesday am: More details of the coalition deal are emerging:

* Five Lib Dems (not six) will get Cabinet jobs, including Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister;
* The bill to have a referendum on AV will be subject to a three line whip, although Conservatives will be free to campaign against AV in the ensuing referendum;
* There will be five-year fixed term parliaments, starting with this one, meaning the next election is scheduled for May 2015;
* Elsewhere on political reform, the second chamber will be wholly or mainly elected and there will be a commission to review party funding; Read the rest of this entry

Evening Standard Reports Gordon Brown Has Quit

The last ditch attempts of Labour to cling on to power after a crushing defeat in the General Election have come to nothing.

Gordon Brown in a calculated move to keep the Conservatives out of power yesterday sacrificed his Leadership of the Labour party in an attempt to do a deal with the Lib Dems, all for nothing.

Despite being overwhemingly rejected by the voters Brown was planning Mugabe like, to hang on to power until September and knowing Dear Leader probably beyond that. How astute of Sir Malcolm Rifkind to describe Brown as being just like Robert Mugabe.

Tonight’s Evening Standard has the headline “Brown Quits”.

There have several headlines in the last couple of days:”Brown quits”, “Brown to resign at…” Read the rest of this entry

David Cameron Could Offer A Referendum On Libson Treaty

Due to various procedural changes, the Lisbon Treaty is going to have to be ratified by Parliament yet again after the General Election. David Cameron has always been explicit that had he been Prime Minister when the Treaty came forward for ratification, he would have held a referendum. Until now that has simply been a hypothetical situation – but now it is set to become a reality.

If, as the EU Commission intends, an Inter-Governmental Conference on 17th/18th June agrees a new version of the Lisbon Treaty, it will have to be put before Parliament. Will David Cameron remain true to his pledges on the topic and seize this opportunity by pledging to hold a referendum in that circumstance? Full Story here

IPSOS/MORI Poll Of Marginal Seats Points To Small Conservative Majority

Latest IPSOS/Mori poll for Reuters shows a 7% swing from Labour to the Conservatives in the all important marginal seats:

The poll was conducted in 57 must win marginal seats for David Cameron, where a swing of between 5% to 9% is needed:

Conservatives – 36% (+1)
Labour – 36% (-2)
Lib Dems – 20% (-1)

The poll sample was 1004 adults sampled between April 30th and May 2nd

Full details of the poll here

Opinion Polls Do They Mean Anything Real At The Moment

Britain seems to have gone opinion poll made since the televised Leaders Debate last Thursday. Every day a new poll comes out claiming to show this or that is going to happen, the MSM is buzzing with a “hung parliament” message, but do these opinion polls actually predict with any degree of accuracy the actual outcome on May 6th?

When the Leaders Debates were announced many political commentators predicted that the party with the most to gain was the Lib Dems as they were on the stage with the big boys and as a result would get a bounce from the first Leaders Debate.

The actual broadcast was watched by a maximum of 9 million viewers at the start and as the program progressed so the viewing figures declined; which makes the sudden bounce for Nick Clegg in the polls all the more surprising as less than 25% of those eligible to vote actually watched the program. Read the rest of this entry

William Hague Replies To French Minister; And Pravda On The European Union

We can expect to see a lot more smearing of anti-European politicians from the EU Socialist superstate as it grows in size and power, more attempts to influence the outcome of the democratic process so the puppet governments of the satellite states of the EU follow the line of the European Union Commision who will replace Gordon Brown as Dear Leader.

When someone dares to speak out against the policies of a Socialist regime they are called names normally ending in “ism” or “ist”. RACIST was the cry used against anyone who dared question immigration in what we now know as Labour’s decision to force multiculturalism on the people of this country.

The Climate Change Lie is now established effectively as a Religion, woe betide any who dare question the Lie now.

Pravda the official newspaper of Russia and the former USSR has this to say on the EU:

Political power in the EU is firmly in the hands of the European Commission, which is set to obtain even more power under the Lisbon Treaty. This infamous treaty does not hold the peoples of Europe in high regard. As a matter of fact, it is only halfway through the treaty (originally presented as a “Constitution”) that one finds the first references to the people.

DPP Says Tory plans to scrap Human Rights Act would bring shame on Britain

By Tory Aardvark

Keir Starmer appointed by Baroness Scotland

Keir Starmer appointed by Baroness Scotland

The Director of Public Prosecutions is supposed to be a politically netutral position, yet here we have a former human rights lawyer appointed by Baroness Scotland who is now criticising the policies of a political party. This is unheard of and will ultimately bring the office of the DPP into disrepute.

Starmer’s appointment runs until 2013, so he has already put himself at odds with the Conservatives should they win the General Election which is looking increasingly likely.

However in an outspoken speech last night to mark his first 12 months as DPP, Mr Starmer set his face against any change to the current law and said it was a “lie” to describe the legislation as a “criminals’ charter”.
He said: “I find myself in difficulty when I hear talk of the need to ‘re-engineer’ or ‘rebalance’ the criminal justice system. Such talk usually emerges after a particularly questionable decision which receives undue notoriety.

Starmer should now resign as he has polluted his tenure as DPP by taking political sides, but like his boss the Attorney General he will continue on regardless.

There is very little of our Government that Labour sleaze has not ruined or tainted, the General Election cannot come soon enough so that the cancer of the Political Elite can be removed.

Labour – A Warning From History

By Tory Aardvark


This is a Conservative Election poster from 1909 predicting what would happen if the then relatively new ideology of Socialism were to take hold in the United Kingdom.

Move on 20 years to the 1929 General Election.

Thanks to Iain Dale for this poster

Thanks to Iain Dale for this poster

80 years later the prediction has come true; dont forget Labour has told local councils to come and inspect every inch of your home so they can charge you more for having a patio, a nice garden or a nice view. With 20% of all council tax now paying for gold plated pensions for non jobbers, it’s nice to know we will all have less disposable income to support diversity officers and street football co-ordinators.

Full marks to the Conservative election strategists of 1929, they had the foresight to  see the insidious danger than socialism poses to any free society.

MP’s Expenses Things Should Never Be The Same Again

By Tory Aardvark

The mood in Westminster is bleak, shell shocked with some traces of petulant defiance being shown by the MP’s that are standing down.

Public confidence in Parliament is at all time low for modern times, as MP’s are seen as avaricious, devious and generally untrustworthy.

They have no one but themselves to blame for the mess they now find themselves in, a mess far worse than when Parliament went into recess 12 weeks ago. Sir Thomas Legg’s report apart from back firing badly on Gordon Brown, has fanned the flames of public anger anew.

Expenses Time

Expenses Time

Aardvark has no sympathy for troughers of any political party, a trougher has abused their position of power and trust at the expense of the tax payer and broken the trust that once existed between them and the people who voted for them.

Have our elected representatives learnt anything so far? It would appear not. “MPs’ anger over demands for repayment of expenses is deepening, as a Labour back bencher suggests legal action could be an option“. on Sky News

Two days ago the Standards and Privileges Committee had the opportunity to start to regain public confidence by making an example of disgraced former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, instead they chose to use a politically biased committee to protect one of their own, yet again at the expense of the credibility of the mother of all Parliaments.

These are unusual times, and unusual times call for unusual actions.

Parliament needs to act, and it needs to act now. Decisively once and for all.

Those that have chosen to run away with their loot by standing down at the General Election, should be suspended without pay and with loss of pension, or step down immediately and suffer the same loss of pay and pension rights, their actions should not allow them any further pecuniary advantage.

Any MP who has to pay back £10,000 or more, be they minister, shadow minister or back bencher should be forced to resign immediately and a by election called in their constituency.

The voters will decide for themselves on the record of the person they vote for, so to an extent the people will be able to clean up Parliament; but the lingering question remains: Why wont Parliament clean itself up properly and with integrity?

Perhaps the people we elect are more interested in partisan politics and nest feathering, than they are the good of the country.