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Conservative Party Conference A Resounding Success

By Tory Aardvark


People like David Cameron and George Osborne’s message, they no longer believe the lies and smears of Gordom Brown’s dying Government; even the great socilaist icon Obama said Brown’s government had “the smell of death” about it.

Brown should resign now and call a General Election before the Czech Republic signs up to the Lisbon Treaty, instead the unelected Prime Mentalist will hang on and force his policies and ideas on a country, that wants neither him nor his policies.

Under Brown democracy has been suspended in favour of a quasi communist Big Brother state. Brown has bottled every election, Labour promised the country a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, they lied and never gave us the promised vote.

Here are the 4 most raised points from the campaign trail with Iain Dale in Bracknell Forest

1. Gordo – unelected, incompetent, despised – “he has to go” (I paraphrase – it was generally expressed rather more colourfully)
2. Immigration – “completely out of control… I don’t care what the EU says – it must be stopped”
3. Welfare scroungers – “like all these girls who keep having kids to stay on benefits and get council houses”
4. EU referendum – “we’ve been lied to” (nobody mentioned the Lisbon Treaty – they want a referendum on the entire deal)

Full details from Burrning Our Money

Conservatives Want To Cut MoD Costs by 25%

By Tory Aardvark

In his speech today Shadow Defence Secretary Dr. Liam Fox will outline proposals to cut civilian personnel from the Ministry of Defence.
The MoD currently employes about 85,000 civilans while the strength of the Army is currently 99,000, which does beggar the question as to why there is a ratio of nearly one civilian to every soldier.

Sunset in Afghanistan

Sunset in Afghanistan. copyright MoD

The savings in fixed costs will free up more money for the soldiers on the front line, and are not a cut in the Defence Budget, but instead focus on getting better value for money and concentrating resources where they are sorely needed.

Conservative Party Policy Announcements 2009

By The Tory Aardvark Editors


The cry of the rapidly dwindling band of supporters of Labour is often “The Conservatives have no policies” or our particular favourite “What are their policies? WE DEMAND TO KNOW!”
To help them answer this important question we will be updating this post with Policy announcements as they happen.
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For a full list of Conservative Party Policy announcements from last years Conference in PDF format click here

Policy Announcements 2009

Saturday 3rd October: Pensioners will keep their home and get free residential care if they pay £8,000 insurance fee
Sunday 4th October: Plans to tackle job crisis and get Britain working
Sunday 4th October: Grace and Favour residence to be opened to the public
Sunday 4th October: Plans to close up to 200 failing schools
Monday 5th October:Tough tests for those on incapacity benefit
Monday 5th October:Patients to be able to pick surgeons from league table
Monday 5th October:Voters to get chance to alter parliamentary bills
Monday 5th October:Michael Gove pledges new generation of technical schools
Monday 5th October:Conservatives propose giving more power to Parliament over its business and establishing public consultation on legislation
Monday 5th October: George Osborne announces plans for 60,000 new jobs
Tuesday 6th October:Osborne set to announce an increase in the retirement age to 66
Tuesday 6th October:Halting the funding of new speed cameras and the rolling out of average speed checks
Tuesday 6th October:Villages to be granted powers to expand by up to 10% over ten years
Tuesday 6th October:New rules for laws and quangos
Tuesday 6th October:Announcements in George Osborne’s speech

Pensioners will keep their home and get free residential care if they pay £8,000 insurance fee under Tory plans

By Tory Aardvark

Most media sources are buzzing today with the announcement by Shadow Chancellor George Osborne that under a policy initiative by The Conservative Party pensioners will be able to pay an £8,000 insurance fee for lifetime free resendential care and still leave their houses to their families.

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne

George Osborne: “It’s a complete injustice in our society that 45,000 elderly people every year, who have worked hard and saved hard, are forced to sell their home and there’s no affordable insurance. It is grossly unfair to those who are neither the richest, who can afford that care, and the poorest who get their care paid for. So we are going to help those people who have done the right thing through their lives and enable them to keep their home and pass it on to their children. ‘It shows you can use the power of the state without adding to people’s taxes.

Pensioners who have assets of less than £23,000 will receive free care.

Hopefully this will set the precedent for other insurance based solutions to help with the reduction of Public Expenditure.

Eric Pickles Video on the Conservative Party Conference

By Tory Aardvark

The Conservative Party Charmain on the forthcoming conference

Conservative T Shirts

Eric Pickles’ is planning to launch a new Tory T-shirt at Party Conference. Will he wear it, I ask myself? After canvassing for ideas he has shortlisted four pro-Conservative themes….

* Yes we Cam
* Release your inner Tory
* Vote Blue not Brown
* Cam Can

…and four anti-Labour themes…

* Don’t blame me I voted Tory
* A picture of Gordon Brown and the words ‘The weak are a long time in politics’
* New Labour 1997 – 2010…end of an error
* A picture of Gordon Brown with the word ‘Fail’ underneath.

Aardvark will be ordering several of The weak are a long time in politcs and shortly emailing Eric with a suggestion that the F word be replaced with the C word.

Cuts what did you think I meant?

Spending Cuts: Politics Has Gone Topsy-Turvy

So says Sky News’s faithful Labour groupie Adam Boulton

Quick refresher so we can position ourselves for the slant on the reporting. Adam Boulton married Tony Blair’s former aid Anji Hunter and a large number of guests at the wedding were Labour party power players.

Having seen the actual video on Sky yesterday where Osborne was very professional, eloquent and straight to the point the following from Boulton shows where he and several others at Sky News stand:
After a brilliant few days which led to his lionisation in the Tory press Mr Osborne, not for the first time, over-reached himself, producing secret documents which were neither secret nor evidence of the breathless charges he levelled against Labour.

Depends how you define secret, buried in the small print which no one reads in one way, the other way is to hide in the open.

No one else had picked up on this, so one mighty hat tip to George Osborne for bringing this to light. Osborne is proving consistenlty that he is no political lightweight.

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