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A Happy Christmas For Wind Farms Paid £1 million To Shut Down

While coal and gas plants pay the grid to switch off because they save money by not generating fuel, wind farm operators demand compensation for “lost” subsidies.

Christmas and New Year have been good for wind farms, as their operators not satisfied with their grasping hands grabbing Green taxation to keep their uneconomic bid choppers running, demand compensation for the loss of subsidy Green taxation when the bird choppers have to be shut down when there is no demand for their electricity. Read the rest of this entry

Wind Farms Paid £10 Million To Turn Off

Wind Farm operators paid £10,000,000 to turn turbines off

The insanity of wind power continues unabated as wind farm operators are paid £10 million pounds to turn the bird choppers off.

There are nearly 6 million households in energy poverty due to the Green agenda and the ludicrous amount of tax payer subsidies that wind power receives, the wind farm operators are paid a huge subsidy to generate a electricity, and then they are paid to not generate electricity, a win win situation for anyone involved in the Green renewables scam and of course, a lose lose for the tax payers. Read the rest of this entry