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Interest in Politics on the increase?

By Tory Aardvark

Today is one of those great Saturdays, nothing much to do and the latest copy of Land Rover Owner has just dropped through the door so time sit down with a brew, light a Dunhill and have a read.
This time last year LRO was full of ways to save fuel and the usual stories about world wide expeditions, not mention the pages of accessories that allow you to build your fantasy Land Rover if only you had the money. The editorials were starting to become a bit political with the Green VED Tax lie that Labour was once again trying to rip off the motorist and a socially engineer which cars people drive.

Over the last three months the tune of magazine has changed dramatically, articles and letters are now speaking about the ever increasing price of the fuel, the anti-car policies and dogma, of Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. All three of these  parties have more than one thing in common, but the most odious of all is the self-appointed control freaks, who know so much better than all of us, as to how we should live our lives and what they should allow us to do.

Using the same hysterical wailing of the banshee anyone who has dared speak out against anything “Politically Correct” was immediately tarred with an invented word suffixed by “ism” or “ist”. A few years ago anyone who spoke out against uncontrolled immigration was a “racist”, now that public opinion has made immigration a political hot potato the banshee are now using flawed science and wailing for England to force their “Green” ideas on the silent majority.

It’s always about state control of the individual covering everything from what they should think, to what they should do.

The last twelve years has seen the biggest loss of freedoms and intrusion of the state into just about very aspect of daily life. We have more CCTV cameras than any other nation on earth, are our streets safer and crime down? No
A plethora of speed cameras and traffic control cameras have allowed the Government to find new and inventive ways of raising money and monitoring our movements.
More and more databases track our lives and everything we do, Brown lied about ID cards because they are keeping the database behind which will track lots of things about our daily lives, soon everytime we go abroad on holiday or business we will have to notify the government or face a fine.

Slowly but inexorably the silent majority are  stirring and saying enough is enough.

When it comes to voting, most votes are cast by those in their fifties or older. I belong to the baby boom generation, those that were born between 1945 – 1960. We are an unusal generation in that there are more of us than any generation, before or since. We have had more spending power and we have more voting power, quite simply because we will vote.

My point is that if the normally silent majority who would rather tinker with engines and get muddy in quarries are becoming politically active because of the last twelve years then interest in politics is starting to increase, which can only be a good thing because votes will be cast on substance rather than spin.

Which as the polls  show leave Labour up “chumps” creek with a sinking canoe and no paddle