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I Love The Smell Of Green Apocalypse In The Morning

I love the smell of Green Apocalypse in the morning, it smells like subsidy

I love the smell of Green Apocalypse in the morning, it smells like subsidy

The Green regression to 2008 continues, by winding back the clock they possibly hope to continue business as usual with a CO2 fearing world hanging on their every word,  how it used to be, before Climategate and COP15 Copenhagen delivered the mortal blow to the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam.

In those heady days of 2008, climate fear stories were relentlessly churned out, and faithfully reported by a Liberal biased MSM that could not wait to print stories about the coming environmental Apocalypse, the same stories that are now coming back to haunt the Green propagandists and their publicity machines.

All the fear stories had a theme, apart from fear that is. sinking Pacific islands, sea level rising several gazillion feet, wall to wall dead Polar Bears, mass species extinction and the list of things that our children would not know spanned everything from snow to Madagascan fruit bats.

As the man-made climate change scam has continued its lingering death and global fear of CO2 has hit a 20 year low, so the warming alarmists have returned to the old formula of Green environmental holocaust to try breathe new life into their political agenda. Read the rest of this entry


COP18 Fear And Loathing In Doha

COP18 Host Qatar wants to scrap the work done so far and get a set of key ministers to draft new negotiating texts, negating all the work done since the conference started.

COP18 Host Qatar wants to scrap the work done so far and get a set of key ministers to draft new negotiating texts, negating all the work done since the conference started.

This years UN Climate Circus meeting in Doha, COP18 is a very strange beast, there is distrust of the COP18 President, the host nations stance on Anthropogenic Global Warming, Kyoto and the Long term Cooperative Action (LCA) are coming to an end with no successors likely to emerge, the Green NGOs have found out that they are now largely peripheral to the whole process and the USA has said they will not commit economic suicide by signing up to a climate deal.

On November 26th the COP18 climate negotiators started work on agreeing the texts for the Ministers who fly in on December 3rd to hammer some sort of agreement out of, against this background of mutual distrust,  the host nation Qatar wants to trash all the work done by the negotiators and produce new texts with selected ministers, behind closed doors.

Rewind to 2009 and COP15 Copenhagen, the then hosts Denmark did exactly what the Qataris propose and COP15 ended with arguments, no agreement and bitter disappointment for the outcome of Hopenhagen.

Only at COP18 against a background of distrust, loathing and division could the host nation use the very same tactic that helped to ensure that COP15 was a massive failure: Read the rest of this entry

Ten Years On, Er What Happend To The Global Warming?

NASA satellite instruments precisely measuring global temperatures show absolutely no warming during the past the past 10 years

The doomsday scenario predicted by the warming alarmists is upon us, global greenhouse gas emissions have risen faster than Climate Comedy Central, sometimes know as the IPCC have predicted; this shocking increase in emissions should have everyone cowering in fear and converting to the Church of Climatology.

One small problem here people, what ever happened to the rise in global temperatures that this increase in CO2 is supposed to cause?

During the last 10 years the temperature of our world has not increased: Read the rest of this entry

Greens Fizzle In The US As Obama Drops Climate Change

The man with newly photoshopped discovered birth certificate pontificates on the settled science of Climate Change a mere 18 months ago in Copenhagen. Now no mention of the settled science of Michael Mann and Phil Jones and the IPCC, Climate Change has been quietly taken around the back of the Whitehouse, shot in the back of the head and buried in quicklime.

No terminology change that amounted to everything is caused by AGW, could breath new life in to the great Climate Change scam, for now, make no mistake the warming alarmists will withdraw, lick their wounds and regroup for another attempt at implementing Agenda 21.

For now though, the emphasis is on energy policy, an energy policy that could only make sense to someone about to overdose on Pixie dust.

Not once in his weekly radio broadcast to the US did Obozo mention Climate Change: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Scam Prediction Fail – About These Climate Refugees

The picture that symbolises the predicted plight of nations that would become climate refugees

One of the all time favourite scary fear stories of the warming alarmists has long been the rising sea levels because of glacial meltdown, billions made homeless because of rising seas and whole nations becoming climate refugees.

The picture of the Maldives government holding a Cabinet Meeting underwater became synonymous with the aquatic Armageddon being predicted by the warming alarmists, but as usual all was not what it seemed to be: Read the rest of this entry

Google – To Try And Breathe New Life In To The Climate Change Scam

"If you tell a big enough lie often enough, people will eventually believe it" the philanthropic part of the search of search engine giant is to “improve the way that global warming science” is presented to the public and is assembling a team of 21 “climate scientists” to achieve just this objective.

Following the results in US mid-term elections and the subsequent change in the balance of power in the House of Representatives the  warming alarmists have been under attack by the Republicans who are out for blood and more specifically, heads on poles.

With his Cap n’ Trade bill dead Obama was trying to use the EPA to force Cap n’ Trade by the back door, which has resulted in an increasing number of  law suits against the EPA

There is a definite connection between Obama and Google that was seen from Obama’s first post election press conference where Google CEO Eric Schmidt was at Obama’s side.

As Cap n’ Trade died and post November 2010 the balance of power shifted, Obama has resorted to using the tried and trusted methods of the left to ignore the democratic process, use stealth and the back door to achieve your objectives. With the EPA increasingly under attack and losing the battle to kill US industry, the next logical step is for Obama to use his friends at Google to try and brain wash the world with the Climate Religion based on junk science.

Google has a shockingly bad record for censoring information that goes against the Global Warming scam sacred texts as was seen during Climategate Read the rest of this entry

Fewer Britions Than Ever Believe In Man Made Climate Change

Heathrow in the recent snow, which earlier closed the airport

The Office for National Statistics carried out a survey in August to see how many Britons still believed in the great Anthropogenic Global Warming scam, and the results are bound to cause more distress to the warming alarmists.

An earlier poll for EDF energy in May 2010 was equally depressing for the Church of Climatology, only 62% of Britons are faintly interested in Climate Change.

The ONS poll shows that the number of Climate Realists has doubled in 4 years Read the rest of this entry

2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 11 December

As November ended the sparsely attended COP16 Climate Scam at Cancun, inexorably headed towards, what Chris Huhnatic (H/T Fenbeagle) described as a car crash.

In the USA the mid term elections gave King Hussein a direct message from the American people, you are crap and the shift in power to the Republicans, also caused a shift in the Climate of Fear from the warming alarmists telling us all to be very afraid, to warming alarmists becoming very afraid, as the Republicans announced investigations in to Junk Science and a desire for heads on poles.

Leo and Lucy were increasignly worried about the carbon footprint of perfume and eco friendly sustainable sex toys Read the rest of this entry

2010 The Decline Of The Global Warming Scam Part 10 November

October news on Climate Religion was dominated by Splattergate, which overshadowed the preparations for COP16 in Cancun.

Climate Religion was in full swing as November brought the car crash in Cancun Read the rest of this entry

The WWF Should Stick To Being eHarmony For Pandas

"I like to knit humorous cummerbunds" "Oh really, I make Napalm at home for a local right wing group"

The warming alarmists at the WWF are at it again, trying to stop the next generation of coal fired power stations being built.

As Britain freezes and industry and the elderly struggle to pay heating bills, its business as usual at the WWF, not a thought for anyone or anything but Climate Religion.

For some reason the WWF seem to think that 2500 signatures on a Petition to Dave is a victory Read the rest of this entry