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Al Gore Annouces New Climate Of Fear Campaign

Al Gore is back, with a new campaign that Gore hopes will reignite Global Warming Climate Disruption hysteria from the ironically renamed The Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection), nothing like a good renaming to try and resell the same tired old lies. Read the rest of this entry


EU Postpones Climate Change Target Vote

Polar bears are going to have to wait until July to be saved

The EU has effectively done a Gordon Brown and “bottled it”, they have decided to postpone the vote on economic suicide cutting carbon emissions until July.

The actual vote for the postponement was conveniently not recorded so no one has any idea who actually voted for the motion. Read the rest of this entry

Armageddon In The Oceans – Just Another Green Propaganda Lie

Oceanic Armageddon according to 27 eco-warriors who spent 3 days telling each other scary fear stories and then published a report of their fears as scientific fact.

The Oceans and mankind are doomed if you believe the combined Green grey literature put out in synchronisation by Fiona Harvey at the Guardian, Richard Black at the BBC and Michael McCarthy at the Independent.

A less than transparent Green NGO called International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) has produced a report predicting a mass extinction of species comparable to the 5 that occurred in what IPSO call “pre-history”.

As usual the panel of experts found firm evidence that Global Warming was the cause of this: Read the rest of this entry

Ten Years On, Er What Happend To The Global Warming?

NASA satellite instruments precisely measuring global temperatures show absolutely no warming during the past the past 10 years

The doomsday scenario predicted by the warming alarmists is upon us, global greenhouse gas emissions have risen faster than Climate Comedy Central, sometimes know as the IPCC have predicted; this shocking increase in emissions should have everyone cowering in fear and converting to the Church of Climatology.

One small problem here people, what ever happened to the rise in global temperatures that this increase in CO2 is supposed to cause?

During the last 10 years the temperature of our world has not increased: Read the rest of this entry

CBI Warns British Government Of Impact Of Church Of Climatology Policies

The natural heir to Tony Blair addresses the CBI

Many journalists have said it, even more bloggers have said it and now the Confederation of British Industry have said it: The Green zealot policies of David Cameron and his Lib Dem accomplices are killing British industry, with the resulting jobs lost going overseas, as for some unfathomable reason David Cameron continues to pray at the Church of Climatology.

Climategate, the collapse of carbon trading markets, the abandonment of AGW policies globally have all passed the Social Democrat masquerading as Leader of the Conservative Party by, blinkered, bigoted and determined to save Britain from a giant mutant star goat, Cameron is every bit as dangerous to this country, as were the climate religion worshiping duo of Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown. Read the rest of this entry

Greens Fizzle In The US As Obama Drops Climate Change

The man with newly photoshopped discovered birth certificate pontificates on the settled science of Climate Change a mere 18 months ago in Copenhagen. Now no mention of the settled science of Michael Mann and Phil Jones and the IPCC, Climate Change has been quietly taken around the back of the Whitehouse, shot in the back of the head and buried in quicklime.

No terminology change that amounted to everything is caused by AGW, could breath new life in to the great Climate Change scam, for now, make no mistake the warming alarmists will withdraw, lick their wounds and regroup for another attempt at implementing Agenda 21.

For now though, the emphasis is on energy policy, an energy policy that could only make sense to someone about to overdose on Pixie dust.

Not once in his weekly radio broadcast to the US did Obozo mention Climate Change: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change LOL Story Of The Week

That pesky mutant space goat is back to eat the planet

Some completely ludicrous tales of environmental Armageddon have been made up to push the Climate of Fear agenda, that is the only tool of the warming alarmists; this piece in the Vernon Morning Star has to be the biggest LOL story of them all.

Not even the faintest pretence at cherry picked junk science, instead straight for the jugular with the author predicting the end of civilisation in 89 years time unless we all behave like good little mindless sheep and buy in to the Church of Climatology.

Apparently should the vast shale oil deposits in continental North America be extracted and used then the Venusian effect with hit planet Earth,  scary shit! Read the rest of this entry

The Hypocrisy Of Champagne Environmentalists

John Travolta's Boeing 707 one of a fleet of 5 jets owned by the Champagne Environmentalist

The Champagne Environmentalist, purveyor of the Green Eco hair shirt life style for us, and a 21st Century business as usual life style for them.

The Champagne Environmentalist comes in many shapes and guises, some are the unelected EU officials, some UN carbon gravy train riders, others the self appointed NGOs like the WWF and Greenpeace and probably the most odious are the vacuous showbiz celebrities who preach the Green message because they think its cool, or they will make money from the gullible sheeple from the Church of Climatology. Read the rest of this entry

Green Lies Exposed – The Chevy Volt

Green washed as environmentally friendly Chevrolet are selling just 110 Volts a month

The electric car has longed been pitched by the ecomentalists as clean, zero CO2 emitting transport, provided that you believe electricity just is and never needs to be generated.

Chevrolet have joined the green bandwagon with their Volt which is of course going to save the planet.

Maybe not, because depending upon where you are in the USA, depends on how the electricity for your Volt is generated Read the rest of this entry

Climate Change Scam Prediction Fail – About These Climate Refugees

The picture that symbolises the predicted plight of nations that would become climate refugees

One of the all time favourite scary fear stories of the warming alarmists has long been the rising sea levels because of glacial meltdown, billions made homeless because of rising seas and whole nations becoming climate refugees.

The picture of the Maldives government holding a Cabinet Meeting underwater became synonymous with the aquatic Armageddon being predicted by the warming alarmists, but as usual all was not what it seemed to be: Read the rest of this entry