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Rio+20 The Next Climate Religion Fail

Nothing binding will come out of Rio+20 just another opportunity for warming alarmists to have a get together in a nice place

The planet has still to recover from the carbon footprint caused by all those Green evangelists flying into COP17 Durban, where for the third successive COP in a row, they achieved absolutely nothing.

Well to be honest Durban did achieve something, a slick victory for the United Arab Emirates and what the warming alarmists refer to as Big Oil, the very next day Canada walked away from the dying Kyoto Protocol.

There was much talk at COP17 that unless the economic growth killers of Climate Religion were made legally binding there would never be progress on a unified world deal to commit economic suicide, so it is a little surprising to find in a leaked document that the Church of Climatology and Wealth Redistribution is only praying for voluntary agreements. Read the rest of this entry

COP17 A Win For Big Oil

COP17 achieves nothing but the agreement to keep talking

The Durban Climate Synod is over and for the third year in a row nothing has been achieved other than bucket loads of CO2 have been emitted, ironically by those that most fear an inert trace gas and there is some sort of vague agreement to meet next year, and achieve nothing, again.

There was one winner in Durban, those dirty words Big Oil when the United Arab Emirates pulled an absolute blinder on the Green eco sheep who will sign anything, without question: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 The Junk Science Behind Climate Change

There has been no global warming to speak of despite what environmental journalists describe as “obscene levels” of CO2 emissions, the temperature of the planet stubbornly refuses to follow the settled science of the Church of Climatology.

CO2 levels have risen 33% in the last 10 years and the temperature of the planet is the same as it was in 1979, a recent study of ocean sediment core showed that during the Medieval Warming Period the temperature of the planet was 1.5 C higher than today while atmospheric CO2 was 280 ppm as opposed to today where atmospheric CO2 is 392 ppm.

The whole Climate Change scam is founded on junk science where the scientists give the answer the politicians want, or the answer that ensures that vainglorious scientists like Phil Jones continue to get accolades and huge research grants.

There are 8 warning signs of junk science: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Day 2 The Gloom Continues

Day 2 at the Climate Synod in Durban and all is not well, Canada is the new great evil and the epic failure of Kyoto is about to be carried out in a body bag, but then there is also Brazil where economic reality is also biting hard.

Brazil despite all the propaganda from those that believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming, wants a “reflection phase” before signing a global economic suicide pact, latest news is, there is a vote in Brazil to change the forest code and campaigners and NGO’s are very worried that this could result in a loss of forest many times the size of Western Europe or something like that, no mention of the right of the Brazilain people to have the same economic luxuries that the developed nations already enjoy. Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Day 1 The UN Were Right, It’s Doomed

Wait And See Strategy is gaining ground at Durban

A degree of sense and political reality is starting to gain ground at the UN COP17 Climate Synod being held in Durban South Africa as more countries are abandoning the head long rush to be first over the cliff of economic ruin, sadly this dose of reality came to late to save Australia from having that dubious honour.

As the evidence continues to stack up that CO2 does not increase global temperatures and the global financial crises deepens it has become increasingly difficult for politicians and the Watermelon marxists to convince an increasingly sceptical public about the man made CO2 Wolf that never materialise no matter how hard Greenpeace, FoE and the WWF try to summon the beast.

Even the UN were pessimistic about COP17 a long time before it began, and just for once the UN are right: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 UK Government No Climate Agreement Likely Before 2020

The message from COP17 ignore affordable energy and go for very expensive renewables

The nailgun is busy today, as yet another nail is hammered into the coffin containing the still born COP17 Synod of the Church of Climatology.

The UN is predicting failure  for COP17 this time, following on from the spectacular failures of COP16 in Cancun and COP15 Copenhagen when Climategate really did for the whole concept of Man Made Global Warming.

Now the warming alarmist coalition government of Britain is saying the world is at least 10 years away from a global economic suicide pact, which is a new departure for warming alarmism, which normally specialises is moving the dates for predicted Environmental Holocaust ever further into the future,  in the vain hope that by that distant date their predictions of doom will come true or increasing the safe amount of atmospheric CO2 from 350 ppm to 450 ppm, shame no one has told that their scare is obsolete. Read the rest of this entry

Green Hypocrisy – COP17 Has An Official Airline

An official airline for a Climate Synod, surely a clash of interests

The COP17 Climate Synod has an official airline which offers special discounts for warming alarmists flying to Durban to put a stop to us normal mortals, flying.

Flying is supposed to be one the great evils that the morally superior self appointed guardians of the environment are forever telling us we should not do, what is worse many of them will be committing the ultimate carbon heresy and flying first class. Read the rest of this entry

Kyoto Protocol, COP17 Durban And The Death Of Climate Religion

Failure to renew the Kyoto Protocol will be the death knell of Climate Religion

The Kyoto Protocol, the prototype document for economic suicide was signed in 1997 and came into force in 2005, since that date Kyoto has failed to live up to the expectations of the environmentalists , as country after country failed to meet their commitments.

The US failed to ratify the agreement, India and China were exempt from the treaty, in reality the world’s top three polluters never took part.

COP17 Durban is destined to fail by the UN’s own admission and with very little chance of an extension or replacement to Kyoto, this is significant smelling of the coffee by the warmists: Read the rest of this entry

COP17 Durban – Already Predicted To Fail By The UN

The warming alarmists will all be flying to Durban for another Climate Scam fail

In just over 3 months the Church of Climatology is holding it’s next synod in Durban, South Africa, which like the two previous synods in Cancun and Copenhagen will achieve nothing except for lots of hypocritcal champagne warming alarmists flying around the planet in first class, naturally.

The UN predicts that no deal will come out of Durban, Aardvark predicts a new Climate of Fear campaign starting in September and gathering momentum as November draws closer.

Prepare for spontaneously combusting Penguins, sea level rises of several kilometres, new scientific studies predicting Armageddon in one form or another, these studies will have been produced by NGOs like Greenpeace, FoE and the WWF and then neatly packaged by the IPCC as science. Read the rest of this entry