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Climate Change – Now Animals Are Shrinking

Polar Bears are shrinking due to Climate Change

Poor old Ursus maritimus is allegedly suffering again from the effects of Man Made Global Warming,  now polar bears are shrinking in size.

The Polar bear has almost become the doomed mascot of the Church of Climatology, the ecomentalist’s Christ on Cross who has suffered for our sins, well, according to the religious teachings of Al Gore, Greenpeace, WWF and FoE the ploar bear has.

The drowning polar bears, resurfaced as Polarbeargate and just like so many more Green and Environmentalist lies, the declining Arctic sea ice was in fact increasing at the rate of an area the size of Manhattan every 3 minutes, now in the latest effort to keep belief in Anthropogenic Global Warming alive, the polar bear and other species are supposedly shrinking in size: Read the rest of this entry

Climate Talks – Deadlock in Bangkok

Bangkok 2011 UN Climate Change talks

The one world governmentalists and wealth redistributors have been at it again, this time in Bangkok, and with very little publicity they have been attempting to build on the “modest success” of COP16.

Modest success being a warming alarmist euphemism for a total failure to extend the Kyoto Protocol, when Russia, Canada and Japan virtually killed off Kyoto in a single blow at COP16.

Never ones to miss a free trip to a location more noted for sex tourism than anything else, the warming alarmists have hopped in to their aircraft and jetted off to South East Asia, as they are saving the planet they are perfectly entitled to fly; unlike us ordinary mortals who would be evil for flying anywhere. Read the rest of this entry