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Global Fear Of CO2 Is At A 20 Year Low

All the Green Armageddon events that were supposed to happen, and never have.

All the Green Armageddon events that were supposed to happen, and never have.

A new survey by Globescan of 22,812 people in 22 countries, including Britain and the US makes depressing reading for Big Green, fear of CO2 is at a 20 year low, and this is despite billions of dollars being wasted on junk science projects with a preordained political result, and all gilded with never ending fear stories about impending environmental holocaust.

Ever since the failure of COP15 Copenhagen, in 2009 the whole warming alarmist movement has been in accelerating decline, each successive COP meeting building on the failure of its predecessor, attempts of reignite the Rio Earth summit some 20 years later, with a new meme “sustainable development” crashed and burned on take off.

Now the warming alarmists are at a loss to understand how this could be, after all that money, all that fear based Green propaganda, all those ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments, the world no longer buys in to the Anthropogenic Global Warming boondoggle. Read the rest of this entry

Climategate – Best New Revelations For January 25th 2010

Climategate has been a very big story since November 2009 and with each passing day there are more and more revelations about the hoax. From a bloggers perspective this means there are not enough hours in the day to comment fully on each new story, so here are some links to some of todays breaking stories:

Top climatologist finds 40% of British government climate costs report “fraudulent”:

“The Stern Review Report of the UK government also relied on that paper as the sole basis for its projections of increasing damage from extreme events. In fact as much as 40% of the Stern Review projections for the global costs of unmitigated climate change derive from its misuse of the Muir-Wood et al. paper.” More at

China’s most senior negotiator on climate change says more research needed to establish whether warming is man-made:

China’s most senior negotiator on climate change said today he was keeping an open mind on whether global warming was man-made or the result of natural cycles The Guardian

Professor Andy Pitman’s laughable excuses “why the sceptics are winning”:

“Sceptics are so well funded, and so well organised” – so the $70 billion or so thrown at alarmist scientists to try to prove AGW since the mid 1990s (which, by the way, they still haven’t managed to do) is just loose change, I guess? Are you admitting that the alarmists are a disorganised rabble? More laughable excuses at Australian Climate Madness

Latest Peer-Reviewed Research Uses Bristlecones To Confirm Medieval Warming In California Mountains:

This study is based on a new and much larger sample of bristlecone trees. The previous bristlecone research that was used in all the prior hockey stick studies dates back to the 1980s. There has been no other explanations as to why the new data has significantly different results from the original bristlecone study. (This new study is not a multiproxy, but a study based solely on bristlecones.)

Multi-proxy research authors who are paid to find global warming continue to use old bristlecone data from the 80’s for their new research instead of this latest bristlecone data. Surprised?

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Climategate – Copenhagen Fails Fidel Castro Joins The Church of Climatology

Fidel Castro Communist Dictator

Copenhagen proved that the real agenda was one world socialist government through the back door, and the latest ranting for the Green cause comes from none other than Fidel Castro.

Communism and religion have never co-existed easily together so it is very surprising that Castro should join the Church of Climatology, but then with Brown and the EU desperate to give away billions for their global socialist government, should we be surprised?

According to the news agencies, he affirmed that he had received a mandate from the Bolivian people to oppose any agreement if the final declaration fails to meet expectations. He explained that climate change is not the cause but the effect, that we have an obligation to defend the rights of Mother Earth against the model of capitalist development, the culture of life against the culture of death. He spoke of the climate debt that the rich countries must pay to the poor countries, and the return of atmospheric space seized from the latter.

Morales described as ‘ridiculous” the figure of $10 billion offered per year up until 2012 when, in reality, hundreds of billions of dollars are needed every year. He also accused the US of spending trillions of dollars on exporting terrorism to Iraq and Afghanistan and establishing military bases in Latin America.

This was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, the whole article is priceless and the comments, well let’s just say Australians are known for saying what they think!

Hat tip to Andrew Bolt for this story

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